Summer swimsuits

Summer swimsuits

The summer holidays are here! And there is no better way to enjoy it than wearing the best summer swimsuits, becoming the most fashionista mermaid with these options.

Sun, sand and sea are the best combinations to enjoy the days at the beach. The summer swimsuits of this season will surprise you with their great variety of styles, colors and prints so that you can enjoy your vacations in the most trendy way. 



If you are going to invest in a swimsuit you must take into account the material with which it is made, your personality so that you are comfortable at all times and especially for how long you are going to use it or if you need an extra one to create different styles. 

Meet our summer collection that in addition to that you will love to adapt to all types of bodies!  Today we will know the sexiest and the most elegant trends of summer swimsuits so that you shine during the warmest days. 


Summer vibes

Summer is that season that we all enjoy because it means freedom and fun when wearing the garments that we like so much to look fresh and chic. Summer swimsuits are part of us because we add a little of our personality by combining them with accessories that also talk about our mood and what we want to show. 

We can find designs in summer swimsuits for different occasions, from bikinis to the classic one-piece, with sleeves, with cut outs, strips, with ruffles and textures such as satin, crochet and also fun prints such as fruit trees, striped or polka dots that is loved by all. 


Glamorous beach 

Something we love about summer swimsuits is that they are versatile and we can find one that suits us. For example, if you want to wear a classic figure with a one-piece swimsuit you can use the Bodhi by For public display you will definitely love it!



The swimsuit that will make you look divine and vintage for its striped bottom and floral details is the Athens by Pamela Stevenson, a jewel that will not go unnoticed.



Quetzal green has become the favorite color of 2022 because it radiates elegance and a sophisticated look to any garment, check it with the swimsuit Ischia  by Maygel Coronel, this love at first sight exists! The coolest summer swimsuits are the ones with cut outs, get the look with Betina one piece by Bahía María impose style inside and outside the pool. 



 Who said that the color black does not look amazing in summer?

Definitely the winning summer swimsuit is the  Stella negro by Marea Blanca, with this one-piece suit you manage to perfectly combine a simple but at the same time elegant style do not hesitate to use it! 




Another of our favorite accessories that complement a summer look is the swimsuit cover up dress will help you get out of the pool with style, you can look for them in linen or cotton.

Complement the look with the swimsuit cover up dress Belén midi deshilado by Paralia you will have a cozy and catwalk look for its fringed sleeves.




Another disponible option is the  Long nahui by Virginia Ontiveros, the white color and light openings will make you look very sexy!




Find your favorite summer swimsuit with On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 

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