Romper vs. Jumpsuit: What’s the Difference?

Romper vs. Jumpsuit: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably used the words “romper” and “jumpsuit” interchangeably at some point. Most people do; they’re very relatable articles of clothing. But are they the same? Nope, they’re actually not.


While they share many similarities, rompers and jumpsuits have some differences that are definitely worth noting.

I’ve compiled the rundown on how and why you should differentiate between rompers and jumpsuits.


What Is a Romper?

A romper is a one-piece article of clothing that consists of shorts attached to a top with any length of sleeves. Originally made for children, rompers got their name from children “romping” around while wearing them. However, over time the purpose and appeal of the romper morphed.

Now, rompers are a popular clothing item for any age. Typically, these garments are made from flowy and breathable fabrics, making them a great piece of clothing to wear in warmer seasons. Rompers are ideal in the summer and on windy days, as they give off similar vibes to dresses but the shorts keep the romper secure. Perfect for adventures.


Where Should You Wear a Romper?

Rompers are typically a more casual piece of clothing attire. They’re great for beach, river, or lake days because they are both chic and utilitarian.

They double as a great swimsuit cover-up. In fact, some rompers are made specifically to be swim cover-ups (but who says you can’t wear those everywhere else!).

Rompers are also great for running errands in style. Because they are a single piece of clothing, you don’t have to spend as much time getting ready and planning your outfit. Since they are stylish, though, you don’t have to worry about lacking flair in your ensemble.

I did say rompers are typically casual, however, you definitely can elevate a romper with the right accessories. Pairing your romper with complimenting jewelry adds an elegant touch to your outfit. Layering with a moto jacket and some heels will complete the look and leave you looking ready for a night out on the town.



What Seasons Are Rompers in Style?

While you aren’t limited to certain seasons to wear what you personally want to, rompers are typically worn as spring gets warmer and during the summer months. Between the lightweight material and bare legs, they might be a tad too cold for the winter months. 


How To Style a Romper

There are so many ways you can style a romper. How you put together your outfit, however, depends on your answers to these three questions:


Where Are You Going? 

If you’re going to be active, mobile, or outdoors, maybe pair the romper with some sneakers or some comfortable sandals. You can accessorize with functional accessories like sunglasses, a hat, and minimal jewelry — sun protection and fashion; I love it.

If you’re spending time indoors, like getting dinner or hanging out with friends, you can get more creative. Wearing a pair of pumps or adding a belt to this shorter garment can add a chic look without compromising comfort.



What Will the Weather Be?

Is there a chance you’ll run into rain? If so, I recommend wearing sturdy, closed-toed shoes and bringing a waterproof jacket with you.

If it could be chilly, bringing a cardigan or jacket to cover up with is ideal. You can also toss a pair of leggings under your romper if the chill really amps up.


How Formal Is the Occasion?

If you’re going to a nice dinner or a celebration of some sort, I suggest matching jewelry to bring your look to another level. An eye-catching earring with an elegant necklace will add polish and sparkle. You can opt for wearing some statement heels to transform the outfit from casual to date night worthy.


What Is a Jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit consists of usually slim pants attached to a top with any length of sleeves. Jumpsuits were originally made in the early 20th century for parachuters jumping from planes. Starting in the 1930s, though, designer Elsa Schiaparelli began creating jumpsuits for women.

Once World War II came around, the jumpsuit became normalized in women’s fashion due to its practicality in manual labor and factor work; Rosie the Riveter is an iconic example of this clothing movement from the 19040s. 

As the decades progressed, women’s jumpsuits did as well. Now, they are commonly used either for their utilitarian fit or stylish nature, or both. 


Where Should You Wear a Jumpsuit?

A better question would be where couldn’t you wear a jumpsuit. The convenience of this garment makes it extremely flexible. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or down, depending on the material and how you accessorize it.

I recommend opting for a jumpsuit when you want to prioritize comfort without detracting from aesthetics. So many jumpsuits are trending right now that you’ll have no problem finding something that fits your wishlist.


What Seasons Are Jumpsuits in Style?

Unlike the romper, which is typically limited to a season, the jumpsuit can be worn any time of the year if it’s assembled correctly. During the warmer seasons, I can’t get enough of breezier options like linen jumpsuits which pair well with sandals and a sunhat. 

During cooler seasons, jumpsuits with long sleeves and made of thicker and sturdier material may be more suitable. You can always layer with a sweater or cardigan. Pair that with some thick socks and Chelsea boots, and you’ve got a stunning and functional outfit for the colder months.



How To Style a Jumpsuit

Have a jumpsuit you’re eying but not sure how to make it totally your own?Consider these three questions:


Where Are You Going? 

Consider where you’re planning on spending the day. Much like with a romper, if you’re going to be indoors, you can get more creative with accessories. If you are spending lots of the day outdoors, prioritize comfort with comfortable shoes and a convenient bag.


What Will the Weather Be?

It’s always important to keep the weather in mind when styling anything, including the jumpsuit. For warm days, lightweight materials like cotton or silk can work fine, but be prepared: If you think the temperature may drop, bring along a jacket or cardigan.


How Formal Is the Occasion?

Just like with rompers, although a jumpsuit is typically more of a casual article of clothing, it can definitely be used as the basis for an elegant and semi-formal outfit.

Consider adding a belt as a way to accessorize along with matching jewelry. A pair of pumps or sandals can complete the look, based on the season and weather.


The Differences Between Rompers and Jumpsuits

While they share many similarities, there are definitely some stark differences between rompers and jumpsuits. They are both one-piece garments, which make them an easy base for an outfit. Rompers, however, are short on the bottom, unlike jumpsuits which feature pants for the bottom.

Rompers are typically more casual than jumpsuits because of their short length. Jumpsuits can be utilitarian or elegant, depending on the material and design. Rompers are typically only worn in warmer climates as well, whereas jumpsuits can be worn year-round, depending on layering and accessorizing. 


All About the Details

Here’s my summary: While rompers are shorter and typically worn as summer attire, jumpsuits consist of pants and are an ideal alternative in the colder months.

I hope that understanding a bit of the history of these fashion trends and how to best style these articles of clothing will help you enjoy the comfort and ease of these timeless pieces.



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