Oversized Fashion

Oversized Fashion

Oversized fashion will make you feel comfortable and add a fun touch to your stylem create incredible outfits with oversize garments. 

Before models like sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid imposed oversized fashion again in our years, from the mid 80s and 90s divas of musical groups such as Salt-N-Pepa and TLC began to wear oversize garments such as baggy jeans, oversize denim jackets and bomber jackets, t-shirts, blazers and even accessories such a pasta glasses, earrings and hats. 

We currently know those garments as vintage clothing and they have become the most desired fashion statement during this season. Know the various options of looks that we have for you in On Post! 


Oversized Clothing

To join the oversized fashion you must take into account that they are loose garments but not garments three or two sizes larger than yours.

The vintage clothing that adapt very well to this style are jackets and baggy jeans par excellence, for example you can use The Big Oversized Toffee by Macondia. 




Jeans are essential in our wardrobe and baggy jeans are those comfy and loose thigh pants that will make us create a relaxed but at the same time casual look, we can use baggy jeans with other basic garments such as a tank top or a sweatshirt. With these pants you can create many different styles and if you want to add a sexier touch you can wear a crochet top or a t-shirt also makes you look very cool.

One of the pants that look fabulous are the Pantalón Destino Negro by Naos, because of the color it is very combinable with other garments and you can use it with a niche smooth top or with ornaments such a sequins. The options are endless to always look fashionable! 



Oversized Layering

Oversized fashion brings back the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s for its variety of combinations that you can create with other garments creating the famous layering style, if you do not want to wear all the oversize outfit you can combine a not so loose garment with an oversize jacket achieving the perfect harmony between both garments. 

If you want to start with the look you can use the shorts Aleka Silver with the Big Oversized White by Macondia you will have an outfit with a lot of glam and texture!



If you prefer a more casual but interesting outfit you can combine the pants Nasqua by Sientochenta with the Big Oversized Pink by Macondia, you will look chic at all times. 




Now that you know about this trend it is clear that oversized fashion is here to stay for a long time! Don´t forget to follow us on our On Post social media. 


By Melissa Zanini 

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