Muna The Label, knitted clothing that promotes responsible consumption

Muna The Label, knitted clothing that promotes responsible consumption

Discover Muna The Label, a brand that through knitted clothing seeks to promote ethical consumption and 'no-waste' in the fashion industry.


Peruvian fashion has a new representative: Muna The Label.

This brand mixes modern designs with ancestral weaving techniques to present the world with an ethical fashion alternative that provides the same style as any fast fashion garment.

Keep reading and discover why Muna The Label cannot be missing from your closet this new season!


A brand with purpose: Muna The Label

The word Muna comes from the Andean principle Munay which tells us about love with a purpose: walking in the same direction even if we are different in body and mind.

Under this direction, Muna The Label was born in Peru, a brand with intentions of love for fashion and the planet. Each of their creations is made by Peruvian artisans, with strict ethical processes and top quality materials that guarantee environmental care.

Muna The Label gives a new face to knitted clothes and renews previously seen designs to stay at the forefront and offer pieces that compete at the same level of fast fashion, with the sole intention of showing people that there are many options more ethical that allow them to look just as stylish and modern but with an ecofriendly essence.



Design, quality, and sustainability

Design, quality, and sustainability are the 3 words that perfectly define Muna The Label.

Muna The Label was born from the curiosity of learning about the talent of weavers from Peru and finding new ways to celebrate the textile tradition of that country through fashion and design.

The brand aims to provide work to communities in Lima and promote the culture of the region with the use of local materials and creation techniques. For this reason, it takes great care in the design and development of each product, thus committing itself to give its clients only perfection based on highlighting local talent and keeping the Latin American essence alive.

On the other hand, quality and modern design are reinforced by the use of organic materials that extend the life of its pieces, such as Pima and tangüis cotton, ethical baby alpaca yarns, and merino wool.




The ‘must haves’ of Muna The Label

Muna The Label collection has iconic pieces that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, especially in this season when the cold begins to feel and you need warmer clothes but with the same style that characterizes you. Get to know the ‘must haves’ of Muna The Label!

Cosmo super cropped black sweater: Super cropped sweaters have been a trend in the last fall-winter seasons and if you still don't have yours, this is your perfect opportunity to add them to your closet! Cosmo will be your favorite option thanks to its versatile color and warm fabric.

Ica shorts and top: For those days of relaxation and chill, the Ica set of shorts and top will be your salvation. Hand knitted to give you a home style and with an explosive pink color to not go unnoticed even on a Sunday morning. We love it!

Thierra special multicolor edition: The Thierra Special jacket was designed for cold evenings when you want to look spectacular and go outside. This trendy sweater with a knitted pattern will be distinctive and an eye-catcher.



If this new cold season you want to proudly wear garments knitted and handmade in Peru, Muna The Label will be your faithful companion.

Get to know the complete collection of this brand only at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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