Metallic Sandals: The edgy touch for your spring looks

Metallic Sandals: The edgy touch for your spring looks


Metallic sandals are a great fashion choice for those who want to make a statement. They look gorgeous on any outfit and can add an extra layer of style to your look. Not only do metallic sandals help you stand out in the crowd, but they are also incredibly comfortable. 

The metallic material makes them breathable and flexible, allowing your feet to be comfortable all day long. Plus, metallic sandals are incredibly easy to take care of and can last for many years if they are taken care of properly. So if you're looking for a fashion-forward shoe that is practical and stylish, metallic sandals may be just what you need!


When to wear metallic sandals according to the occasion?

Metallic sandals have been seen gracing the feet of fashion iconoclasts everywhere. They add a touch of edgy to any outfit, but there are certain occasions where metallic sandals may not be suitable. 

For formal events such as weddings or black tie events, metallic sandals should generally be avoided and instead opt for a more classic style of shoe. However, metallic sandals can be a great choice for semiformal events such as a cocktail party or an evening out. They can also be worn to casual occasions like lunch with friends or even a day at the beach.



When wearing metallic sandals, it’s important to pair them with the right outfit. In a classic color like gold or silver will complement a dressy ensemble, while colorful metallic sandals can be worn with jeans and an eye-catching top. No matter what the occasion, metallic sandals offer the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle and shine to any look. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect metallic sandals for a special occasion – or just for everyday wear – make sure to consider the event and dress accordingly. Metallic sandals will add a touch of glamour and style to any outfit!

Celebrities looks with metallic sandals

Metallic sandals are a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your look! Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, metallic sandals can help complete your outfit. Let's take a look at how five celebrities style metallic sandals in their looks.

Kendall Jenner is often seen sporting metallic sandals with her high-fashion looks. She pairs metallic sandals with jeans, shorts and even a classic little black dress for an elevated style.

Hailey Bieber is another star that loves metallic sandals. She often pairs them with skirts, dresses and shorts for an edgy look.

Chrissy Teigen looks stunning in metallic sandals with a maxi dress. She often mixes and matches metallic colors to add an extra touch of glamour to her look.

Alessandra Ambrosio loves metallic sandals too, but she typically opts for a more casual style. She pairs metallic sandals with jeans or shorts and a simple top for a classic and chic look.

Finally, Gigi Hadid is the queen of street style! She rocks metallic sandals with her everyday looks, pairing them with jeans, shorts and even a jumpsuit for an effortless vibe.

From casual to dressy, metallic sandals can help complete your look in any style. Get inspired by these five celebrities and try out metallic sandals in your own looks!



Best ways to wear metallic sandals

Metallic sandals have become increasingly popular in street style fashion. With metallic sandals becoming part of the wardrobe, it can be tricky to decide how to style them. Here are 5 of the best ways to wear metallic sandals:


  • Pair metallic sandals with a white tee and jeans. Wear a light jacket for a casual yet elegant look.


  • Get creative and pair metallic sandals with an off-shoulder dress or top and shorts. Accessorize with fun accessories like a belt, fedora hat and sunglasses to complete your street style look.


  • Go for the classic combination of metallic sandals and a little black dress. Add some sparkle with flashy jewelry for a more glamorous look.


  • Add a boho vibe by pairing metallic sandals with a maxi dress or a skirt and a tank top. Complement your outfit with minimalist jewelry and an oversized handbag.


  • On a special occasion, metallic sandals can be paired with a metallic or sequin midi skirt and an eye-catching blouse. Complete the look with earrings and an evening clutch.


Get inspired with this On Post, look to create it with your metallic sandals

Take a look at the look with garment from our collection, with which you can be inspired to create an outfit with metallic sandals. 

We have selected, Itoi Metallic Blouse by Laetitia, for the shiny garment and protagonist of this look. 

A wide leg pant with sartorial style, such as CLYDE PANT CHARCOAL from Lesém, creates a perfect balance with the previous garment. 

To give more color to our outfit, we went for accessories like Layered Hoop Earrings by Vösh Design, ideal to contrast the outfit with metallic pieces. 

Following the line of adding intense colors, we opted for LEDA by Peyola, the tone of these sandals will give a touch of color block. 

Find tips and ideas to inspire you and create winning looks, as well as trendy clothes at On Post!

By Katia García

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