Lirio Morelo, Colombian clothing that highlights the Pacific Region

Lirio Morelo, Colombian clothing that highlights the Pacific Region

Lirio Morelo is a Colombian clothing brand that has come to captivate you with the most beautiful landscapes of Colombia but is now embodied in its pieces. Discover it!


A country full of corners as beautiful as Colombia is could not offer the world more than quality, happiness, and elegance.

The living proof of this is Lirio Morelo, a Colombian fashion brand that takes up the landscapes of its land and transforms them into delicate, feminine garments full of history.

Read on and get to know this 100% Latin brand completely!


The unforgettable essence of Colombia

Lirio Morelo arises from the passion for fashion and the admiration for Colombia of its creators: Andrea Moreno and Diana Londoño.

Both have always seen fashion as a universal and powerful language that transcends geographical limits. An expression of who we are and what identifies us, capable of generating an impact on those around us.

These talented women created Lirio Morelo with the firm conviction of making pieces with purpose, pieces that beyond fashion represent a journey, one that travels with the soul and the senses the most amazing corners of that Colombia that they have admired for so long and dreamed of standing out in front of the whole world.




The union of two worlds

Lirio Morelo's contemporary style is closely linked to the world of sustainable fashion. Its fabrics are printed through a process that transfers the design from paper to fabric without the need for water, thanks to sublimation with special non-polluting inks.

This technique allows them to obtain high-quality results with vivid colors, high-definition images, and infinite possibilities of designs for printing while taking care of the planet and the natural resources of the country that inspires them.

In turn, this technique requires them to use polyester fabrics, which allows them to create garments of great quality and, above all, durability. Some of its pieces have ventured into the use of textiles made with recycled polyester threads from PET plastic bottles.

Additionally, all the labels of its products are made based on ecological paper and choose the use of reusable packagings, such as cloth bags to minimize the use of cardboard and plastic.



Colombian street fashion

Colombian clothing has a new life through Lirio Morelo.

Get to know the must-haves of this brand and add to your collection pieces that, in addition to being beautiful, have a deep meaning full of love and mysticism!

It is impossible not to think of a warm sunset when we talk about Colombia. Those beautiful rays of sun falling on the waves of the sea are a visual delight that we would like to preserve forever and now with Lirio Morelo, it is possible.

The Sunset kimono is inspired by these dazzling landscapes and amazingly captures them on the fabric of this iconic piece. Undoubtedly, this garment is perfect to make Colombian street fashion known to the rest of the world.


The beauty of the Pacific women is unique in the world. There is no person more kind, cheerful, and powerful than her. Today, the legacy of hundreds of Colombian women can be shared thanks to the Maxi dress  by Lirio Morelo.

In this garment, we can see representative elements of Colombia, such as its artisans, flowers, fruits, and communities that for years have been in charge of giving life to Colombian clothing. This dress is more than a fashion, it is a glorious story.


This dress is an iconic piece within the Lirio Morelo collections since with it the brand has set out to highlight one of the most important characteristics of Colombia: being the country with the most types of orchids in the world.

For this reason, in this dress, we can find a beautiful print based on the Brassavola Nodosa, an orchid known as Lady of the Night and popular in Colombia for the sweet aroma that its white flowers give off at night.



Lirio Morelo's talent have led them to be present in different projects related to the world of fashion such as Vogue magazine, The Vogue Talents Corner in Colombiamoda, and the 4th season of Shark Tank Colombia.

Keep discovering the path of this traditional Colombian fashion brand and integrate it into your next outfits only with On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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