How to wear White Ankle Boots for Winter

How to wear White Ankle Boots for Winter

Despite being a fashion trend in the 60s, white ankle boots are still a must for achieving the best looks without being cold and in the most glamorous way.

Do not be afraid to wear white ankle boots and take a little risk, at first glance they can be difficult to combine. However, white ankle boots and boots are versatile and will elevate any other garment in moments. The key to success when wearing them is mixing up some cool accessories and garments from the On Post collection.


White ankle boots a must of the winter season

White ankle boots are back in the street style and if you want to wear them like a real fashionista I will teach you how to combine these wonderful ankle boots with your clothes so that you can achieve a real fashionista style.


White ankle boots have been present in different periods of the fashion history, during the 60s when a total revolution of style was sought, as well as in the 90s when on the catwalks a modern and minimalist essence was shown.

However, it was thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw in the acclaimed television series Sex and The City that became the most sought after shoes by many women during that time, thanks to the white ankle boots of the Chanel collection worn by the protagonist.

If don´t usually use white color in your styling you can try it out during the winter since it looks so good when you combine it with other basic garments such as sweaters, dresses, coats, jeans or a nice skirt. I'm sure that with these style tips you will fall in love with white ankle boots as much as I do, so do not hesitate to wear them to look different and add an elegant touch.

  • Wear a monochromatic white on white outfit.
  • Pair a pointed toe white ankle boots with a flared dress pant.
  • Pair a stiletto white ankle boots with a pencil skirt and blazer.
  • Style a little black dress with a pair of white ankle boots and a white clutch.
  • Use neutral colors with white ankle boots such as beige or white, also pastel pink.
  • The accessories can be silver, gold or with crystals so it will highlight your features more.


White ankle boots and jeans

The white ankle boots stand out for covering only the foot and ankle, there are various styles such as cowboy cut, with fringes, buckles, suede and you can also find them with high or square heels. Could we combine white ankle boots with jeans? Absolutely yes!  For example, you can start wearing The Catalina white ankle boots by Elán with the Clyde Pant Charcoal and the Saint Blazer Green by Lesém. 

You can create a black monochromatic look to go to the office or to a very important appointment. If you are looking for a riskier look you can try the B&W contraste pants by Macondia. Keep in mind that white ankle boots and jeans can create infinite looks since there are may different jeans styles, you can always opt for skinny pants, flared pants and even mini skirts. 

Also play with colors and textures to achieve more risky looks, not everything is blue or denim, you can combine colors such as coffee, white, yellow, pink, green and even gray in your jeans, the protagonists of street style this winter season should be the white ankle boots! 


White ankle boots with a dress 

 If you consider having a more relaxed style but at the same time fashionable, you can wear white ankle boots with a dress. You will love this outfit if you combine it with the right clothes to achieve a nice harmony between the dress and the ankle boots. It has been believed that the ankle boots are only to be used in winter, but really in summer they also look very chic. 



Wearing white ankle boots with a dress looks amazing when paired with garments such as socks, a cardigan or a long oversize coat depending on the weather and with trendy accessories such as maxi earrings or a beret you will look divine! 

The dress options to wear with ankle boots are many, you can look for dresses with puffed sleeves, satin, velvet, neutral colors or with small details and ornaments, let your imagination run wild to wear these looks at any time. If you want to achieve a magazine cover outfit, wear the dress Salma Flowers by Mysso Swimwear with this combination of purple and white you will be on trend, along with the ankle boots The Catalina by Élan. Although it is an outfit in purple, you achieve a romantic and stylish look with this dress by the floral prints,  always take a risk when combining your favorite dresses! 

An option to not use stilettos or heeled sandals are the white ankle boots when wearing them you will always have a casual and quite comfortable look. What are you waiting for to wear this season?


How to wear White Ankle Boots for Winter 

During the winter season it is important to always wear cozy clothes that allow us to feel warm but stylish. That's why white ankle boots are ideal for creating the best winter looks, they are so versatile that they can achieve a casual and formal style.

The white color is one of the most beautiful and you can always combine it with vibrant colors such as blue, fuchsia, yellow, orange, red and green. If you want to start wearing these tones in your outfit I recommend you wear the cardigan Huaraz by Muna The Label with the white pants Juanita by Camila Sarmiento. These pants are in trend and the advantage of wearing them is that you can combine them with high-heeled sandals in summer and with white ankle boots in winter like The Catalina by Elán.



Create the perfect match with the following accessories: Gaynor Gargantilla Cristales 12 Circles by Elisheva & Constance and the earrings Bee Pearl by Viviane Guenoun. You will love its details in pearls and they will make you look glamorous in an everyday basis.



This season looks amazing with the white ankle boots and follows the trends of the moment by subscribing to the NewsLetter of On Post.


By Melissa Zanini 


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