How to wear the Balletcore Fashion Trend

How to wear the Balletcore Fashion Trend


Balletcore is the latest fashion trend taking over your closet! This ballet-inspired look has all the glitz and glam of a classic ballet.

Balletcore is a stylish fusion of ballet and street style, designed to give you the perfect balance between comfort and class. 

With balletcore fashion, you can make any outfit look sleek but casual. It's all about finding the right pieces that work together. Today you will discover the perfect styling tips to wear the chicest garments from the On Post collection with this lovely fashion trend, are you ready?


The origin of balletcore

Balletcore is a street style and trendy fashion trend that has roots in ballet. It merges ballet movements with street-style clothing to create unique, sculpted silhouettes. The balletcore movement is all about empowering and breaking traditional ballet boundaries by fusing elements of ballet with modern streetwear. 

This includes wearing ballet flats or other ballet inspired shoes, pairing ballet clothing with street-inspired items like denim jackets and graphic tees, and mixing classical ballet shapes with trendy pieces like crop tops or fishnet stockings. 



Balletcore is an increasingly popular look that allows dancers to express their personal style, while still staying true to their art form. There are no limits when it comes to combining the right pieces for a balletcore look, the possibilities are endless! 

Balletcore is all about pushing boundaries and redefining what ballet is capable of so don’t be afraid to show off your own unique style. Pick out some ballet-inspired pieces that work for you and let your creativity shine through, from ballet tutus to streetwear hoodies, balletcore has something for everyone.


Styling tips to start wearing the balletcore fashion trend 

Balletcore is a new street style that combines ballet-inspired fashion with streetwear. It's the perfect way to bring an edgy, unique look to your wardrobe while keeping things comfortable and easy-to-wear. Here are some balletcore styling tips to help you get started!

1.-Start with classic ballet pieces like leotards, tulle skirts, and ballet flats as the foundation of your balletcore looks. Layer them up with items like hoodies or bomber jackets for an effortless yet trendy look.

2.-Try incorporating different textures into your outfits for extra interest - thick chunky knits, denim and velvet. These will add depth and create a truly unique balletcore aesthetic.

3.-If you’re feeling daring, pair ballet pieces with unexpected items like joggers or blazers, try with the Dhara Blazer by Daniella Batlle. This is a great way to show off your fashion savvy and stand out from the crowd. 

4.-Balance baggy streetwear pieces with fitted ballet staples think of it as modern balletcore meets street style. You can also play around with proportions to create an interesting silhouette. 

5.-Finally, don’t forget the accessories! Add some flair to your balletcore looks with eye-catching jewelry, colorful scarves and statement handbags such as the Amelia Rose Shoulder by Eva Innocenti. 



Dress in style with the balletcore outfit ideas

The look has taken off in recent years, and there are now plenty of balletcore outfit ideas to provide inspiration for your own wardrobe! From ballet flats and tutus to oversized hoodies, balletcore gives you the opportunity to express yourself through fashion.

Whether you are attending an event or just wanting to express yourself through dance and fashion, balletcore offers endless possibilities for creating unique looks, for those who want to keep up with the latest balletcore trends, here are some stylish outfit ideas: 

Start with a basic ballet skirt or leotard as your foundation piece, add in some statement accessories such as layered necklaces or earrings to take your look up a notch, for example you can try with the lovely earrings Long Gold Pink Zirconia by Iconique and the Magdalena Skirt by Blanca Pukara.For a more edgy vibe, try adding some fishnet tights underneath your skirt or leotard. 



For an effortless balletcore look, opt for a bodysuit and pair it with ballet flats or sneakers, this is a great choice for running errands or going out to lunch with friends. You can also add some ballet-inspired jewelry such as chokers or dainty anklets to complete the ensemble. 

If you want to go all out, try putting together an outfit featuring ballet pointe shoes, a tutu skirt and a stylish blouse such as the Esencia Blouse by María Isabel Cepeda, this combination is perfect for special occasions like weddings or parties, and will certainly turn heads! Add some sparkly accessories such as glittery earrings or bracelets to finish off the look. 



No matter what type of balletcore outfit you decide to create, make sure it reflects your own unique style. With balletcore fashion, you can have fun and express yourself in a stylish way!


By Melissa Zanini 

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