How to wear lace clothing in the chicest way

How to wear lace clothing in the chicest way

When it comes to lace clothing, you can't go wrong with fetishcore style. Fetishcore is a type of alternative style that plays on the aesthetics of lace fashion and combines them with an edgy look.

To pull off fetishcore chic, pair lace pieces with leather accessories such as boots or gloves for a sleek statement. You can also add lace details to your everyday outfits with lace-adorned accessories, such as lace gloves or lace necklaces. When styling lace clothing, remember that the devil is in the details and small touches can have a huge impact on your look. 



With carefully curated lace pieces, you can create chic looks for any occasion! So don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with lace fashion. With the right styling, lace clothing can be the perfect way to make a statement.

As we mentioned before, thanks to the fetishcore trend, lace clothing became even more present, but as in everything there are different ways to style it in a more sophisticated way.

One of the events that marked this trend, both on the red carpet and in the street style, was when we saw Dua Lipa wearing the Versace dress previously worn by model Cindy Crawford.

  1. Layer lace clothing with other fabrics. Mixing lace with non-lace fabrics can create an interesting contrast that is both stylish and eye-catching. Try pairing lace skirts or blouses with denim, leather, or velvet for a unique edge to your outfit.

Take into account these recommendations, and you will be able to elevate your looks with this type of garments, to look sexy but stylish.

How to wear lace clothing if you’re a beginner

If you are a lace clothing beginner, the fetishcore style can be intimidating. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Here are some tips for incorporating lace clothing into your wardrobe if this is your first time trying lace fashion:

  1. Start small. When starting out with lace clothing, it’s best to begin with a few subtle pieces such as lace blouses or lace accessories like stockings, gloves, or scarves. This will help you get used to wearing lace clothing and be more comfortable with it.
  1. Accessorize. Adding lace accents to your existing wardrobe can be a great way to try out lace fashion without making a big commitment. Try lace cuffs, lace collars, lace handkerchiefs, and lace necklaces to add a bit of flair.
      1. Experiment with color and texture. Lace comes in a variety of colors and textures, so don't feel limited to just one look! Play around with different combinations of lace styles to find your own unique look.

How the celebrities wear lace clothing

Lace clothing has long been a popular choice among celebrities, from the red carpets of Hollywood to award shows and private events. 

Take Rihanna, for example, who wore a lace dress to the 2017 Met Costume Institute Gala. It was an edgier look than her usual styles, and she rocked it flawlessly. Similarly, Kim Kardashian often wears lace to make a statement – from going sheer lace for her birthday last year.

Kylie Jenner, wore a lace sheer dress, in a monochromatic look adding a garment that changes everything, a leather jacket.

And to finish proving that lace clothing can be styled in different ways, no matter what your style is, Emma Watson and Kate Middleton confirm it.

Lace clothing is undeniably glamorous and sexy, so it's no wonder celebrities are drawn to it. From lace lingerie to lace dresses and blouses, lace is a timeless fabric that will always be in vogue. It's no surprise that it continues to grace the red carpets of Hollywood. What lace look will you choose?


Find the garments to complete your look of lace clothing with the On Post collection

As you can see, styling lace clothing is possible, so that you look chic, sophisticated and sensual. A basic garment in your closet without a doubt is Soutache Lace Bodysuit by Nabel Martins. 

The ideal complement to this look, are the wide leg pants, ODANA PANTS by Concepción Miranda, its color is in trend and easy to combine. 



Another touch of trend, without a doubt are the cowboy boots, there is nothing better than this type of footwear that stands out from your wide leg pants, CALF PONY by Bala Di Gala are an excellent alternative. You will love their design and details.

Give the golden touch to your outfit, with earrings that will add the mystical touch that sometimes you need and pairs perfectly with lace clothing, Long Golden Earrings Soles by Iconique are ideal. 

Discover these items and many more on-trend items, plus how to style it, at On Post!

By Katia García

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