How to style a synthetic Mink Coat

How to style a synthetic Mink Coat

For some years now, several designers, associations and governments have been fighting to eradicate the use of animal fur in the fashion industry. In the face of this indisputable protest, some alternative proposals have emerged that propose a synthetic mink coat that replaces animal cruelty.

One of the first brands to stop using animal fur was Calvin Klein in 1994. Prada Group in 2019 promised that its brands would stop using fur, starting with its collection for the following year, and was followed by brands such as Burberry, Gucci and Chanel



The substitutes for animal fur look amazing, we can even find replicas that match them perfectly, if you are a fan of big coats surely you already have some on your radar, if not, and you are still in search of your synthetic mink coat we will share some points to consider when choosing it.

Figure, consider the silhouette of this, sometimes they tend to be very rigid and if they do not have a design that fits your body can even hinder the movement, so keep this in mind, have tests, walk, raise your arms, etc.

We can find synthetic mink coats that have excellent quality, but like everything else there are also some that its composition is not the best, take into account how it feels, it should be soft and not feel too plastic.

Observe very well how it looks, in these cases the shine in excess is not usually the best sign, it should have a small glow, nothing more.

If your goal goes beyond looking fabulous in it, and you are looking for a garment that will help you fight the cold, this is a great aspect to take into account, probably more coverage means a little more weight, but mostly quality garments are so well-designed that they have the advantage of being aerodynamic.

Remember that buying a higher quality garment guarantees that it will last much longer, so it is important to keep this in mind if you are looking to create a conscious closet.



How to combine a synthetic Mink Coat

To tell the truth, we love such alternatives, it allows us to continue looking stylish without feeling guilty, so if you have not yet dared to wear a synthetic mink coat, or you feel that you run out of ideas to compliment it, here we share some ideas to create amazing outfits.

Looking elegant and chic without effort, this is one of the great qualities of wearing a coat, which is why you should not hesitate to wear it with basic garments such as wide leg jeans. 

In sporty looks is a different compliment, the cap and sneakers balance this set making it look successful. 

Pastel colors, you will be surprised by the incredible combination that is synthetic hair in conjunction with sequins, if you are considering a garment with them, go for pink or green.

In a brown monochromatic ensemble, pair your synthetic mink coat with leather pants and triangle toe ankle boots.

Its oversized version, long to the ankles, leads us to the next suggestion, with white cowboy boots, add a synthetic fur hat, you can't look more chic. 

Hooded, even if this looks like a casual design, you will still look sophisticated if you add leather details such as gloves and knee-high boots. 

Total fur, if you are too fond of fur, you can compliment your outfit with accessories such as furry handbags.


Add the elegant touch to your looks with a synthetic Mink Coat

We know that a coat may seem too big or cumbersome, we are not going to lie to you, but its volume makes a look much more sophisticated, let's say that it is the sacrifice that is made by wearing it, but consider that you will get used to it and if the reason why you are wearing it is not to be cold, its size will be the least of it. Here we share with you some garments with which you can combine your synthetic mink coat, and you will find them on our website.

If you want to look elegant, MARGARITA DRESS by Carolina Estefan has everything to catch the eye, this garment in a fiery orange color, with v-neckline in front, wide and low neckline in the back ideal for a formal gala, wear it with a synthetic mink coat in brown or beige, these shades go great together.

Another option to show off your coat is CARO DRESS from the same brand, with a less formal look. This wrapped design, in black, with long sleeves, leg opening and a subtle white print is an incredible option for your event.

For the shoes we have selected Peyola's Brina chunky high heeled sandals in white that bring us elegance, the contrast they make with the synthetic mink coat create a bold ensemble, reminding us of those looks worn by the stars of the golden movies. 



In case you are looking for a more casual look, for the accessories we have selected  Sour Earring in Red by Mim, these gold-colored earrings with red rhinestones, look perfect in outfits with the synthetic mink coat.

We hope these tips will be useful when choosing or styling your synthetic mink coat, remember to feel comfortable and add your style to every look.

At On Post you will find these and more trendy pieces. 


By Katia García

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