How to wear a Slip Dress for Thanksgiving

How to wear a Slip Dress for Thanksgiving

If you are looking for a minimalist and sophisticated style to attend Thanksgiving dinner, try using the slip dress. Considered as a versatile and beautiful garment, learn how to combine this incredible dress with the following fashion tips to highlight during the celebration

During the 90s the slip dress was a risky and innovative garment, an icon of minimalist and sexy style whose representatives were the legendary actress Gwyneth Paltrow and the supermodel Kate Moss. After many years it is back in trend, resuming the retro style of that time but with a totally chic and renewed touch. Dare to wear it to look fabulous during Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving outfits ideas: The Beautiful Slip Dress

Thanksgiving brings with it a lot of stress, especially if you’re the one cooking, but one thing you shouldn’t be worried about is your Thanksgiving outfit. During this special celebration you can create casual or more formal outfits to make the best impression.

p>Should you keep in mind if during Thanksgiving you are a guest or hostess? The outfit you choose depends on whether you’re attending the dinner or hosting it. As a guest, you’ll have to factor in the weather as you will likely be driving or traveling; as a hostess, you should keep in mind that looking the part is important, but so is remaining comfortable and accessible as you run from kitchen to dining room, adding the last touches to the dinner! Keep this in mind when planning your outfit.



If you are a guest you should know the collection of slip dresses that On Post has for you to look like a diva during Thanksgiving and achieve a catwalk outfit with the right accessories such as the trendiest earrings of the season, the most beautiful autumn makeup and the most comfortable shoes so you don't miss a second of the Thanksgiving celebration.Let's start with this style guide!


What is a Slip Dress?

Surely you have heard that fashion is cyclical and that we should always keep our clothes because they are always used again, that's true. And a garment that has returned to the catwalks and fashion shows of New York, Paris and London is the slip dress.

The slip dress is characterized by its dreamy fall, a fluid and light fabric that gives the feeling of not wearing anything. So it makes it a fairly comfortable garment and its ability to fit the body, stylizes any figure making you look really splendid! The slip dress is made with fabrics such as silk, satin and chiffon. We can find it with necklines in V neck, square neckline or even with cut outs.



Being made with those fabrics and materials, the slip dress has a natural shine and will highlight parts of your face such as eyes or cheekbones. Its versatility makes it suitable at any time and combinable with other garments and accessories, which is why it was so popular during the 90s.

During the fall you should not hesitate to wear a slip dress, more than ever now that we are already entering the holiday season as Thanksgiving. The slip dress is considered an elegant basic and when using it during this season you can combine it with a light jacket, a trench coat or even a long coat. The options are valid and endless to look fabulous during this celebration!


How to wear a Slip Dress for Thanksgiving 

The slip dress is the best option to wear during Thanksgiving, you will look elegant and with a sexy but minimalist touch at the same time. And since it is such a versatile garment you can add a little of your personality to make it look really spectacular. I have for you two options of outfits with a slip dress that I am sure you will love.

Dinner with friends: Thanksgiving is a very special celebration and brings us together with friends, it is the most anticipated day of the year of the year to share good times.If you want to impress everyone during that day, you can wear the beautiful slip dress in gold like the Soho Mini by Camila Sarmiento. I recommend you wear this dress with high heeled boots or high-heeled sandals like the Analía Almond by Alta ay option will look great! As we are already in autumn, it is a little cold. You can use a long cardigan like the Delta by Llasa Fitwear.



As for accessories, earrings with crystals will always elevate your outfit, you can wear the Granada by Las Meninas and the golden ring Resort Ring Set by Viviane Guenoun. Remember to wear discreet makeup and colors according to the season, you can use shades in ochre, gold or bronze colors.

Dinner with family: A very special event deserves an unforgettable outfit! This year the lavender color is still valid and timeless, it can be used both in spring and autumn. Have the best style using a slip dress of that color, I recommend you wear the Nudo by Camila Sarmiento and create the perfect set with an Alpaca cardigan to avoid getting cold, like the Wayta by Jenny Duarte. 



This slip dress will highlight your curves and you will not stop using it! The high-heeled sandals Pink Rania by Peyola will combine perfectly with the other garments, if you love hoop earrings you can wear the Galatea by Calista or the Silver Chain by Iconique earrings. With this look you will be ready to spend a fabulous moment in the company of your family and friends.

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By Melissa Zanini 


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