How to wear a matte lipstick that perfectly matches your style

How to wear a matte lipstick that perfectly matches your style

Matte lipsticks are always a great choice if you want to make a statement with your look. Whether you’re aiming for natural elegance or dramatic glamour these lipsticks provide the perfect finishing touch for any style.

Matte lipstick is one of the most sought-after makeup products nowadays. There are various reasons why matte lipsticks are becoming increasingly popular among beauty fans. 


Matte Lipstick: A new classic

Matte lipsticks provide more intense color than other types of lipsticks, making them ideal for creating bold looks. 

The second is that matte lipsticks last longer on the lips, so you don't need to touch them up often. 

Also, matte lipsticks give a more sophisticated and polished look, making them perfect for special occasions and events. With a matte lipstick, you can easily create different looks to match any outfit and occasion. Whatever your style, matte lipsticks will help you stand out. 

Whether you want a subtle daytime look or a bold evening look, matte lipsticks can add the perfect dose of drama. Get ready to make a style statement with a matte lipstick.

Match your matte lipstick with your clothes

Matching matte lipstick with your clothes is a great way to create a stylish, unified look. It can be tricky to figure out which matte lipstick shade complements which outfit, but it's not impossible! Here are some tips for creating the perfect matte lip and style combination: 

- Consider the neckline of your outfit first. A matte lip in a cool tone looks great with square or scoop necklines, while warmer tones look better with V-necks. 

- Match the color of your matte lipstick to the colors of your outfit. If you're wearing a lot of black, try a matte lipstick with a deep red or berry hue. If you're wearing lots of light colors, opt for lighter matte shades such as pinks and nudes. 



- Remember that matte lipsticks are more intense than glossy ones. Choose matte lipsticks in the same shade family as your outfit, but in a slightly lighter or darker tone. 

- Coordinate matte lipsticks with the season. During winter, choose deeper matte shades like burgundy and plum, while pastels are great for spring and summer. 

By following these tips, you can create a sophisticated look that effortlessly matches matte lipstick to your outfit! With wearing a brightly colored dress, go for a matte lipstick in the same hue or a slightly darker shade. For a more subtle look, match the matte lipstick to your accessories. 

Experimenting with matte lip colors and styles is a great way to express your personal style and create a unique look!


How to wear matte lipstick in 2023

When it comes to matte lipsticks in 2023, there are so many options and looks that you can rock. The key to getting the perfect matte lipstick look is having the right styling and pairing pieces. 

First off, when wearing matte lipstick, you want to make sure that your skin is properly prepped before application. Use a matte primer to make sure that your matte lipstick look is long-lasting and stays in place. You can also use a matte lip liner to help define the shape of your lips before applying matte lipstick. 

When it comes to styling, matte lipstick looks best when paired with other matte products such as foundation, blush and eyeshadow. However, matte lipstick also makes a great contrast with shimmer and glossy products, so feel to mix and match to create the look you love.

When choosing matte lipstick for 2023, it’s important to select shades that work best with your skin tone. Try out different colors from neutral pink sinks and nudes to bold red and purples to find the perfect matte lipstick for you.

For a truly timeless matte look, opt for classic shades such as brown, burgundy and mauve. These colors can be worn day or night and will never go out of style.This year's lip color proposals include shades of red.


Find your style with the garments from our collection and wear them with your   matte lipstick

In our collection you can find a variety of trendy garments for every style, know some of them, and wear it with your favorite matte lipstick. 

For a brunch with friends, the wrap dress of Daniella Batlle, AMBAR DRESS | ELENA / HOLIDAY, its design with a drop sleeve is ideal for casual outings will make you look chic. Go for a matte lipstick in soft tones. 

Another amazing option from Daniella Batlle, is LYA DRESS | SUNDREAM / RESORT, its floral design makes it ideal for a daytime event. Opt for a matte lipstick in pink tones. 

If it’s a special occasion, where what you are looking for is to steal the looks, Shinning Dress by Nabel Martins, is undoubtedly the best option. Its electric blue color with sequins combines in the best way with a matte lipstick in red tones. 

Also, from Nabel Martins, Valentina Dress is spectacular if you are going to attend an evening event, its design of transparencies with crystals is on trend. Add a burgundy lipstick. 

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By Katia García

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