How to style Denim Shorts like a fashionista

How to style Denim Shorts like a fashionista

There is a guide to wear denim shorts like a fashionista, learn how to style a basic garment and elevate your outfit.

Having a versatile garment can ensure a number of combinations, style and comfort are not at odds, the proof is in the possibility of creating outfits while still looking chic with denim shorts. The street style has given us a basic guide on how to complement this piece looking on trend, remember that one of the keys is to put a lot of attitude. Learn how to wear a basic while looking sophisticated.


Style your Denim Shorts

Just like jeans there are several designs of denim shorts, recently the bermuda shorts have been in the spotlight, and if you thought that with a denim shorts it was impossible to get a chic look, you are wrong, the model Bella Hadid showed us how to transform an effortless outfit with a set of pieces that create a casual, daring and trendy outfit.

Mom shorts, are those with a high shot, these are ideal to accentuate your waist, you can choose between tight, baggy, biker type, find the one that suits you, and the next step is to add accessories that go according to your style and what you want to convey.

Blazers with denim shorts create an excellent contrast, choose oversized or masculine versions if your shorts are too short, heeled sandals, or ankle straps. If you are looking for something more casual, matching your Converse is not a bad idea, add a t-shirt with some design, but don't forget the blazer. 



Basic plus basic equals minimal chic, combine with simple t-shirts, straps in neutral tones, add simple heeled sandals. If you want to dare a sexy look you can try the latest trend by wearing a corset, whether you wear it over your shirt or alone, you will look sexy and sophisticated.

A white t-shirt or shirt, with a leather jacket and sandals, seems simple enough, but apparently the Hadid sisters, know how to style their outfits with basic garments, this time Gigi showed us how to wear a relaxed look without losing style.



Denim plus denim, if you are ready to experiment, combine two shades, it can be white, as we have already said white adds sophistication to any look, there is also beige, or also a total denim look, previously it was one of the most emphasized don't', but now it is possible to wear an outfit without feeling that you are committing a fashion crime.

Loafers without heel, became the flat shoe option for those who like to elevate their outfits without having to wear heels, wear them with your denim shorts with neutral colors, beige, black, brown, you can also add the latest trendy chunky loafers, a cross body bag and some sunglasses, get ready to dominate the street style. 

Complete your look with Denim Shorts 

We know that being on trend with denim shorts may seem difficult, so we compiled some garments with which you can complete and stylize your looks.

A rigid texture such as white shirts, will give a sophisticated touch to your outfit, such is the case of the Isabela Set shirt by Patricia Trujillo, this silk shirt with puffed sleeves, with woven details on collar and cuffs, gives us a different version of the classic white shirt, worn with a denim shorts bermuda style, a thin straps sandals, accompanied by a baguette bag, you will be the most trendy of the place.

Cowboy boots are trendy, although an outfit with boots and denim shorts may sound very Miley Cyrus in Party In The USA, the secret is to add stylish garments. That is the case of The Cayetana B&W by Elán, in two-tone black and white, adorned with details of stars and silver chains. Complement with a satin blouse or transparencies, a blazer, in this way you will give the chic touch.



The basic garments allow us to add a differentiating touch by incorporating pieces on the rise, one of the accessories that can change your outfit are the trendy bags, PO'O by Näm, is the different bag that will give the twist to your look, this round bag has that minimalist tinge that achieves an impeccable outfit, add some heeled sandals and look casual and sophisticated.

 Shoes are also protagonists in our looks, whether you choose a different design that draws attention and balances the casualness of your denim shorts, or a touch of color that is the case of Analía Amber Sandals from Alta, these heeled sandals with straps that are knotted at the calf, have one of the colors of the sunset, this golden orange.



The cross body bag that screams tourist alert chic, is Holiday Stars Bucket Bag, in a casual Parisian look, with a classic white shirt loafers, a blazer, maybe a beret, is the outfit we imagine complements this bag, it's still casual, but the embroidered star details will give your outfit the sparkle you need. The perfect look for a museum visit. 

Creating outfits with your basic garments shows you that you don't need much closet but the right pieces and a lot of ingenuity, remember that the best way to elevate your looks is to add accessories, combining them with other garments that give the trendy touch you need.

The trendy garments to style your looks can be found at On Post!

By Katia García

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