How To Style a Maxi Skirt: Nine Beautiful Outfit Ideas

How To Style a Maxi Skirt: Nine Beautiful Outfit Ideas

One of the best things about the spring and summer seasons is the ability to wear dresses and skirts. Though these things can be worn in the colder months, they are usually accompanied by layers such as sweaters, jackets, tights, boots, etc. 


During the warmer months, however, you have more options for what to wear when it comes to dresses and skirts. One of these options is the always-in-style maxi skirt. 

Of course, you can still wear maxi skirts during any season, which is just one of the million reasons I love them. Maxi skirts are also some of the most flattering (and comfortable!) garments that can be worn and look good on any body shape. 


What Is a Maxi Skirt?

Besides being an essential addition to anyone’s wardrobe, a maxi skirt is a long skirt that usually hits around the ankle. It can be patterned, solid-colored, have pockets, or have a slit. Maxi skirts can also be made from different fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, or linen.

Due to this incredible list of factors, maxi skirts are easily some of the most versatile articles of clothing out there, and they can be paired with many different pieces. 

If you are wondering just how you can style a maxi skirt for any occasion, or if you are thinking about investing in one but aren’t quite sure what to pair it with, look no further than my guide right here. I’m about to take fashion to the max. 


How Do I Wear a Maxi Skirt?

Due to their versatility, you can create many beautiful outfits with a maxi skirt. Here are some of my favorite ways to rock a maxi skirt: 

Outfit #1

The first outfit that you could try with a maxi skirt would be to pair it with a crop top. This gorgeous Top Vesta from Paralia would go well with a matching skirt like the Falda Feme skirt by the same designer.

The top and skirt both come in off-white or black, so you could easily match both colors or feel free to mix and match. You can even do the opposite but matching monochromatic looks with a bestie! This shirt and skirt combo makes for an adorable ensemble for a summer picnic or a casual night out. 


Outfit #2

If you like the idea of a more colorful skirt, then this Loie skirt by Pamela Stevenson is a fantastic option.

This skirt would be flawless with a white or gray T-shirt tucked into it, or you could even try a red T-shirt to bring out the colors along the hem. 

If you like the tucked-in vibe but want your shirt to remain tucked in, then you can always wear a bodysuit with your maxi skirt. For this one, you could go with the Body Brunien Blanco by Kadu, which is a form-fitting, white bodysuit that will pair well with any maxi skirt. 

Adding a sneaker would be a great casual touch to the look, or you could add a neutral pump with a chunky heel like the Mohawk pump by Peyola if you feel like dressing up more.



Outfit #3

One of the most well-known styles of maxi skirts would be the classic black maxi skirt. An example of this iconic skirt would be the Marea maxi skirt by Maygel Coronel, which can be paired with a myriad of different tops. 

A classic look with this black skirt would be to pair it with a T-shirt. This white Camiseta Vandana Crudo top could be slipped neatly into the maxi skirt, or you could try tying the front of the shirt into a little knot for a mock crop top. 

To complete the getup, you can add any sneaker or sandal to your outfit since it is more of a casual, relaxed style. 



Outfit #4

A black maxi skirt can be worn with other kinds of tops, too. For instance, pairing this versatile Top Clásico from Paralia with a high-waisted, black maxi skirt is the perfect summer style for a date night or a concert in the park.

This top can be worn five different ways and comes in five colors, all of which pair well with black. Add some gold jewelry like a chunky bracelet (the Nummus bracelet from Onilium would work!) and bold-colored lipstick to add a subtle touch of spice.



Outfit #5 

If you like stripes and fun colors, then the Margot maxi skirt by Pamela Stevenson is a stunning closet essential.

Pair this skirt with a white T-shirt and white tennis shoes, and you’ve got the ultimate outfit for exploring your city or going to the new coffee shop in town.

If you’d like, you could even mix patterns by opting for Pamela Stevenson’s Floral Fall tee to go with a striped maxi skirt. The floral pattern on the sleeves adds some fun detail without overpowering a bolder skirt — true teamwork.



Outfit #6

On the subject of fun colors, Concepción Miranda’s Tara skirt paired with a white or black crop top would be the perfect fun outfit to wear to a wedding, a bridal shower, or even a dinner party. The skirt even has a matching top for a fully coordinated set; can getting dressed get any easier? 

For this one, you could wear some neutral-colored slide sandals or a pair of black, open-toed pumps such as the Danet pumps by Peyola.



Outfit #7

Say you have a more formal event to go to, like a cocktail party or even a fancy dinner party, and you want to wear a maxi skirt. If you have a high-waisted, black maxi skirt, you might want to try wearing something sparkly with it, like this Bowie Manga Larga bodysuit by Kadu.

Paired with a black maxi skirt, this gorgeous bodysuit with the cutout by the shoulder would add the perfect amount of sexiness to this classy outfit. You could wear some red heels for a pop of color or even black knee-high boots to keep the ensemble monochromatic. 



Outfit #8

Floral tops pair well with maxi skirts, as well. If you have a black maxi skirt or even a tan maxi skirt, try wearing a floral, cropped blouse like the Nirvana top in the print, “Naranja,” from Anana Store Colombia.

If you like the idea of a floral blouse but don’t want to wear something cropped, you can opt for Pamela Stevenson’s Nice top and tuck it into your maxi skirt for a more modest, full-coverage look.



Outfit #9

I’ve gone through blouses, T-shirts, and crop tops, and now you may be wondering if you can pair a sweater with a maxi skirt. Fortunately, you can! In the colder months, a chunky knit such as the Terraquea pullover by Iris Arco Knitwear would be adorable when paired with a white or black maxi skirt.

You could also wear a cardigan like this Musgo sweater over a T-shirt tucked into your maxi skirt for a comfortable layer. This look with some sneakers or a pair of ankle boots makes for the perfect cold weather ensemble, thanks to the sweater’s oh-so-cozy Peruvian merino wool.



Fashion to the Max

Though I’ve gone through several ideas for you to try with your maxi skirt, there are still plenty of ways that you can style it throughout the seasons. 

Remember: your fashion journey is always ongoing, and there are many new things that you can discover as you continue to figure out your style. With maxi skirts, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. You deserve to wear what you feel good in and what makes you excited to get dressed.



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