How to style a Black T-Shirt like a Fashion Icon

How to style a Black T-Shirt like a Fashion Icon

Talking about the t-shirt, is talking about one of the most essential elements in our closet, and you may be a supporter of light colors like white, but as in everything there is yin and yan, in this case you practically need both a basic white shirt in conjunction with a black t-shirt.

But, have you ever wondered, what is the origin of this elemental garment? In this article, we will talk about it, and some tips to wear the black shirt as a fashionista.

Its first design was released in the Middle Ages, a silhouette type jumpsuit that covered the whole body made of cotton or linen, to reach the nineteenth century this change to be cut in half, obtaining the loose stylized shirt and now could be found in more variety of textiles. The term T-shirt, which first appeared in the 1920s, was derived from its t-shaped letter.

It was the British sailors who wore white flannel shirts under their uniform, the outer wear was adopted by blue collar workers, and it was not until 1880 that the U.S. Navy adopted this practice, but in 1913 they switched to cotton flannel as it dried quickly and was much more comfortable. 



The garment became even more popular when actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean wore it as a representation of the rebelliousness of their characters in films like The Wild One (1953) or Rebel Without a Cause (1955), and it became official as part of the male wardrobe. It was not until fifteen years later that this garment was classified as unisex, in the 70s. With the beginnings of screen printing, prints such as the happy face and 'I heart New York' became iconic. 

To this day this garment is an essential in our closet, being one of the so-called classic basics, for its versatility we can get a number of outfits. But there are keys to take it from a casual look to a sophisticated and even elegant one with the black T-shirt, for proof some of the celebrities have charmed us with outfits worthy of recreating or being inspired by them. 

One of them is Dakota Johnson, who has given us some examples of how to wear the black t-shirt in different versions, relaxed and chic. With jeans and black sneakers, confirmed as the black color is synonymous of elegance, we don't need too much to highlight it, she adds a cross body and some sunglasses. On another occasion the actress chose to pair this simple look with a gray plaid blazer, a belt, a baguette bag and loafers. 

With a similar footwear to the previous one is how Selena Gomez accompanies a casual outfit but with a cozy touch, adding a yellow knit sweater with jeans and her black t-shirt with turtleneck, as accessories she also adds sunglasses and silver earrings.

Hailey Rhode Bieber, is another celebrity who shows us how to wear a look with the black t-shirt without falling into the conventional, it is basic jeans, an oversize leather jacket, black boots and accessories a belt, sunglasses and gold colored earrings, add red lips for a pop of color. 

How to elevate your looks with a Black T-Shirt 

We have mentioned some looks that celebrities have left in the street style casually, so you can get inspired and see how easy it is to achieve an amazing outfit with the necessary basic garments like the black t-shirt, now we will share some tips to elevate a little more your outfits.

Tailored set with black t-shirt, monochromatic looks in this color are a win-win, elegant and simple, you can wear it with loafers, high heel sandals with thin straps, stilettos you will get an impeccable look. Want to contrast? Add some white sneakers, casual and sophisticated. You can also consider tailored suits with skirts in shades of green.

Leather jacket or pants, you may prefer the elegant total black, or you dare with leather garments with colors like brown, bottle-green among others, this textile in conjunction with the black shirt give you the rock glam look.

Blazer or long coat, the touch that gives the blazer to a basic garment is amazing, you can not look messy like long coats, lean for this type of accessories if you want to achieve a more sophisticated look.

Accessories that stand out, whether you opt for a belt with a striking design or a bag with different textures, in a more vivid color, this way you will add the ideal touch for your look to become a winning outfit, remember that the color black does not need too much. 

Complete your look with the Black T-Shirt with our collection

Find garments and accessories for your look with the black t-shirt, the basic essential.

A classic garment with a difference, Lita T-shirt by Nabel Martins, could be a basic t-shirt, but it has a detail on the chest that highlights it, creating the effect of a top over it. Wear it with wide-leg leather pants and stilettos. 

In this winter season you will want to keep warm, that's why Cajamarquilla Vest by Blanca Pukara, this vest with turtleneck, fringe details on the side will make you stand out with a total black look. Wear it with your black t-shirt, jeans and loafers. 

Give a pop of color to your outfit with Fuchsia Sweatshirt from Simples, with a vintage design this sweatshirt goes great with a black dress pants, add white sneakers or high heel sandals in a similar tone or a perfect one to accompany the pink like orange. 

If you are looking for a more relaxed option, JOGGER YOVAN from La Plume, ideal for days at home or when you are looking for a simple garment, remember that the monochromatic look with the black t-shirt gives you extra points no matter if you are wearing a comfortable one, add your favorite sneakers. On the other hand if you are one of those who like risky outfits, our proposal is, YANQA Pants by Jenny Duarte, flared and blue, so far this suggestion seems normal, but would you dare to wear them with a blazer and white sneakers? Take the sporty look to the street style, add a cap, and you could be wearing an amazing outfit.

With basic garments like the black t-shirt, we can let our creativity fly and create incredible outfits, dare to express your style. Find trendy accessories for your looks at On Post!

By Katia García

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