History of Baguette Bags: Fall in love with them

History of Baguette Bags: Fall in love with them

 Sarah Jessica Parker, the beloved actress who played Carrie in Sex and the City, will forever be associated with baguette bags. Over the years, these bags have become iconic due to her character’s use of them frequently on the show. 

As most fans know, baguettes were made popular during the 90s, when it were featured as an essential part of Carrie's wardrobe. From her ensembles to her baguette bag collections, have evolved from a fashion statement to a timeless classic that has been carried into the present day.



What are Baguette Bags and why are they so iconic?

It is no wonder why baguette bags have been embraced by fashionistas around the world time and time again!

It is a timeless fashion staple that has remained popular throughout the years. Initially made popular in 1997 by bag designer and fashion icon Fendi, baguette bags have become a must-have accessory for any fashionable wardrobe.

These iconic bags are small, rectangular shaped purses with straps, usually long enough to be worn over the shoulder. In addition, baguette bags often come with a unique closure that adds to their style and elegance. This often comes in the form of an embellished buckle or clasp.

Since its inception, baguette bags have become increasingly popular among fashionistas around the world due to its compact size, versatility and chic design. It’s the perfect bag to transition from day to night, and its signature style is sure to make a statement no matter where you go!

From famous models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to fashion bloggers everywhere, baguette bags have become an essential part of any fashionista’s wardrobe. So if you’re looking for a bag that’s both stylish and timeless, are the perfect choice! 


Types of Baguette Bags

Baguette bags are stylish and versatile accessories that can find a place in any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a bag to match your work style, or an eye-catching bag for a night out on the town, there is sure to be this kind of bag that suits your needs. 

When it comes to baguette bag types, there are a variety of options to choose from. For a classic and timeless look, you can opt for a traditional baguette bag with its recognizable curved shape and leather exterior. If you’re looking for something more modern and chic, there are slouchy baguettes made from suede or canvas fabric.

For a fresh and contemporary style, try a baguette bag with intricate beading or embroidery. 

No matter what kind you choose, it’s certain to become a regular staple in your wardrobe! With so many types of baguette bags available, the possibilities are endless. 

How to style Baguette Bags

Baguette bags are a fashionable accessory that can be easily incorporated into any outfit. These baguettes are usually small and rectangular, making them an easy bag to carry. With so many styles of baguettes on the market, it can be hard to know how to style them in ways that look good. Here are some tips for styling it in a fashionable way.

Start by selecting baguettes that are the right size and shape for your body type. They come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to choose one that sits comfortably on your shoulder or hip. If you want to create an edgy look, opt for baguettes with bold colors and patterns. 

Pair baguettes with a monochromatic outfit to create an understated yet stylish outfit. For example, if you're wearing black jeans and a white tee, choose a baguette in a neutral color like beige or brown to add texture to the look. Alternatively, play with color and texture by pairing baguettes with similarly-colored garments. For instance, a baguette bag in navy blue can be used to add contrast to an all-black outfit. 

Accessorize your baguette bag with jewelry, scarves, and hats to give it extra flair. Chunky style jewelry looks especially great paired with baguettes. To complete the look, pair baguettes with a sleek pair of heels or ankle boots for an elevated sense of style. 

Baguette bags are versatile and can be used to add interest to any outfit. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to incorporate baguettes into your wardrobe

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By Katia García

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