Have a party in your ears with Huggie Earrings

Have a party in your ears with Huggie Earrings


Huggie earrings are an essential accessory for any fashionista! They add the perfect touch of sparkle and shine to your look.

Huggie earrings have hinged closures, making them easy to put on and take off with minimal fuss. These versatile pieces of jewelry can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion - from a casual day look to a glamorous night on the town.

Whether you're looking for dainty huggies or statement huggies, they are sure to become your go-to staple in no time! Add some huggie earrings to your jewelry collection today and up your style game! 

For the huggie-lovers out there, these earrings are an absolute must! Huggies come in all shapes and sizes, from classic diamond studs to dainty hinged hoops. Take your style up a notch with huggies - they’re sure to become your go-to accessory for any occasion.

They are the perfect addition to your jewelry box and will instantly elevate any look! So go ahead, add huggies to your collection today and take your fashion game to a whole new level!


How to create an ears party with huggie earrings

Huggie earrings are the perfect way to create an eye-catching 'ear party' look. This style of jewelry has seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks to its timeless yet edgy design. It’s easy to create your own earring set – just choose a few hoops in different sizes, colors and styles.

 Add in some huggie studs for a bit of sparkle, and you’re ready to take your look to the next level! With these earrings, your style is sure to stand out from the crowd – so why not give it a try? Your friends are sure to notice your new look! Get ready to party with huggies.

With huggies, you’re sure to be the life of the party. Get ready to show off your style – huggies are here to stay.


How to choose huggie earrings?  

When it comes to huggie earrings, there are a few key things to consider when choosing the right style for you. 

The first is your personal style. Are you looking for huggie earrings that make a statement, or something more subtle and classic? It's important to choose huggies that fit your look and reflect your personality.

The next factor to consider is the size of huggie earrings you want. If you're looking for an understated style, go for smaller huggies that won't overpower your look. 

On the other hand, if you're going for a bolder look, opt for larger huggies that will make a statement. Finally, make sure the huggies you choose are made from quality materials and craftsmanship, so they'll last. With the right huggie earrings, you can take your look to the next level!


Celebrities who wear huggie earrings in the best way

Celebrities often take huggie earrings to a whole new level when it comes to style. From adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to an everyday look, huggie earrings can be seen on some of the biggest stars on the red carpet and in Hollywood.

From Lady Gaga's daring huggie hoop bling to Beyoncé's elegant huggie studs, huggie earrings can be used as a statement piece or a subtle addition. Halsey looks effortlessly cool in sleek huggie hoops, and Zendaya adds edge to her style with huggie-style charms. 

And don't forget, huggie earrings can also be a great gift idea for friends and family. Put your own spin on huggies by choosing unexpected shapes or sizes, or even pairing huggie earrings with a necklace for a layered look. 

Make sure to always shop for huggies with reputable jewelry brands for quality assurance. That way, you can be sure that you're getting huggies that are made from high-grade materials and built to last. 


Check the huggie earrings look from the On Post collection 

In our collection you can find trendy garments, as well as stylish accessories like the huggie earrings, take a look at the look we created for you, get inspired or buy it.

We will start with the basics of basics, Huggies Silver Zirconia White by Iconique, you can wear them in looks where you need a touch of shine, or even for a party look, they are discreet but make presence thanks to their thickness. Don't think you can't add other earrings to your party, add small earrings or thin earrings.



If you are looking for a huggie design with more color, Iconique has the right thing for you, Huggies Silver Zirconia Green And Purple. This time the earrings have zirconias in different colors, contrasting shades that will undoubtedly catch the eye.  We recommend you to choose them to be the only ones, that is to say, avoid combining them with other earrings.

For the rest of the look we have been inspired by color blocking, with Malibu Jumpsuit - Yellow by Maria Isabel Cepeda, with an industrial uniform style with this jumpsuit it is possible to look chic, if you add the right accessories.

In terms of footwear, high-heeled sandals, Alessia Green Sandals by Alta, believe it or not they form a harmony of colors, the wooden detail on the heel gives a different touch. Complement with bracelets, a mini cross body bag and why not, a scarf. 

Find more tips on how to style your looks, as well as trendy garments that you will love at On Post!

By Katia García

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