Give your outfits a bold touch with Feather Sandals

Give your outfits a bold touch with Feather Sandals


Feather sandals are fast becoming a fashion trend in the footwear world. Not only do they add a unique style to any outfit, but they also offer incredible comfort whether you’re walking around town or dancing all night. 

Their intricate design and lightweight feel combine for an eye-catching fashion statement that will ensure you turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Whether you choose to rock a pair of feather sandals with jeans and a T-shirt, or dress them up for a special occasion, they’re sure to make a lasting impression. So take fashion by storm and go ahead and grab a pair of feather sandals today!

In addition to fashion, feather sandals also provide plenty of comfort for your feet. The soft feathers caress the soles of your feet with every step, making them feel luxurious and cushioned.



Not to mention, the lightweight design is perfect for long days out exploring or dancing at a party atmosphere. And with all the variety of colors and styles available, you can find a pair of feather sandals to perfectly match any look.

So if you’re looking for fashion with comfort, then feather sandals are the perfect choice. So go ahead and take fashion by storm with a pair today! You won’t regret it.



Different ways to wear feather sandals

Feather sandals are a fashion must-have for this season. Whether you're dressing up for a night out or just looking to add some pep to your everyday look, feather sandals will give your style the lift it needs. Here are five ways to wear feather sandals and make a statement: 

  1. With a sundress. A light, airy sundress paired with feather sandals is a fashion-forward combination that will take you from casual to chic in an instant. 


  1. For a night out. When it comes to dressing up for a night on the town, pair your feather sandals with a mini dress for a fashion-forward look that will turn heads.

  1. For the office. When you want to add a touch of fashion to your work wardrobe, try pairing feather sandals with tailored trousers and blazer. 

  1. With shorts and a t-shirt. Keep it casual yet stylish by wearing feather sandals with your favorite shorts and a graphic t-shirt. 

  1. With jeans and a blouse. For an easy, fashion-forward outfit, pair feather sandals with skinny jeans and a feminine blouse for a look that's sure to turn heads. 

No matter how you choose to wear them, feather sandals are a fashion must-have for the season. With these five style tips, you'll be sure to make a statement wherever you go. So go ahead and rock those feather sandals! 


Looks from celebrities wearing feathered sandals

Feather sandals have been the fashion trend of this season, and celebrities are no exception when it comes to keeping up with fashion. From Rihanna to Priyanka Chopra, four of our favorite fashion icons have been spotted rocking their feathered sandals in style. 

Whether they chose neutral colors or bold hues, these fashionistas gave us a major fashion inspiration. 

Rihanna paired her feather sandals with a colorful two-piece set, while Priyanka Chopra chose to style it with an all-black look. Likewise, Beyoncé, prefers the classic but traditional black look. And Gigi Hadid gave her traditional blue jeans a fashion twist by teaming them up with feathered sandals. 

The fashion game of these celebs is always on point, and their feathered sandal looks were no exception. It seems like the fashion game is being raised this season! Who's ready to keep up? 


Dare to wear feather sandals

Feather sandals are fashion-forward and incredibly stylish, allowing you to make a fashion statement wherever you go. The feather look is timelessly stylish and adds an eye-catching touch to any outfit. 

Not only do feather sandals look great, they’re also incredibly comfortable, making them the perfect footwear choice for long days of walking and standing. So don’t be afraid to show off your fashion sense - dare to wear feather sandals! 

Be bold and embrace the fashion trend that never fades: feather sandals. With feather sandals, you can add an element of style and sophistication to any outfit. Who says fashion has to be uncomfortable? Not with feather sandals! So go ahead - dare to wear feather sandals and make a fashion statement that will turn heads wherever you go.


On Post collection look that goes great with feather sandals 

Here we share with you a look created with garments from our collection, to which you can add a different touch with feather sandals.

Create a contrast between feathers and the bangs of the RAIZAL top by Guzo, this kind of pieces will make the most casual looks sophisticated.

For an almost monochromatic outfit we have opted for Gabriela Pants by Nabel Martins, this wide leg pants with formal cut, ideal to wear with all kinds of shoes. 

Adding a touch of color is an excellent alternative for a winning look, so we have selected Lila Alizee Sandals by Alta and Gold Ring Circular Stone Lilac by Iconique, you will get an outfit to conquer the street style.

Learn more about how to style your looks, as well, you can find trendy clothes at On Post!

By Katia García

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