Fringe Skirt a must have for this season

Fringe Skirt a must have for this season

A fringe skirt will always have prominence and you will steal everyone's eyes in street style, cheer up this season and learn to wear it in a sophisticated and cool way!

The fringe skirt is a garment that has made a comeback, with a vintage style with flamenco influences and a 1920s, this couture piece that has taken the street style and the most recent collections from haute couture brands such as Altuzarra and Helmut Lang.

This style guide will assist you in creating the best looks with the skirts from the On Post collection if you would like to get started. 


What is a Fringe Skirt?

The fringe skirt is an iconic garment in fashion history, having been around since the early 20th century. These skirts are characterized by their long, fringed hemlines that move with the wearer and add an element of flow to the look.

You can find this garment made of many different fabrics, from denim to silk and can be found in a variety of lengths. If you want to start to wear a fringe skirt to add movement and fun materials to an ensemble do not wait any longer and swipe down to have the best fashion tips!



A fringe skirt can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and materials used, this garment is perfect to add a touch of luxurious and sophistication to any look. You can try different outfits with a fringe skirt and can be paired with other garments such as sweaters, blouses, and even jackets depending on the desired look. 

If you love jewelry, you can accessorize a fringe skirt with different jewelry pieces or scarves to add an extra layer of interest. Remember, this season's fringe skirt is a must have for any fashionista's wardrobe.

Pay attention and be inspired by the styles of the it girls of the moment like Mandy Moore and Kendall Jenner, It does not matter if it is winter or spring a fringe skirt will always give a different twist to your outfit and considered as a versatile garment you can use it with sneakers, heels, ankle boots and even a pair of flats or mules style shoes.


Trend alert! Different types of Fringe Skirt 

If you're looking for a way to make a new fashion statement try a fabulous style wearing a fringe skirt.The look of this playful piece brings an air of fun and glamor to any ensemble. Whether you style it with a patterned shirt and wedges or keep it casual with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, there's no wrong way to wear the fringe skirt. 

Just be prepared to have all eyes on you no matter where you go! So, if you're ready for a wild ride, the fringe skirt is your ticket and all aboard! Here are the different types of fringe skirts that you need to already have in your wardrobe for this season.



1. Knee Length Fringe Skirt: These types of skirts are the most popular nowadays! Also, there are rich varieties in these types of fringe skirt, considering its popularity in the fashion world. These skirts make the best to wear for colleges, parties, night events, etc. and you can pair them with a nice leather jacket and heels.

2.Long Maxi Fringe Skirt: If you are not so sure about the type of fringe skirt that would look good on you, then you can surely pick this skirt for you.Its bohemian and vaporous style, will make you feel comfortable and you will achieve a casual look in minutes, I recommend using it with a crop top and a denim jacket.

3.High Waist Fringe Skirt: Get all dressed up in these types of fringe skirts and let your body and curves do the talking on your behalf, no matter when and where you are planning to wear them, you can always aim higher with these high waist fringe skirts. You can pair it up with a cool white blouse or a denim crop jacket  to get the perfect match.

4.Leather Fringe Skirt: These skirts are the best option to wear to a night party or when you like it to be more casual. You can wear them with a pair of stilettos, cowboy boots and even kitten heels and if you wear an oversize sweater, you will repeat this outfit at least more than once.


How to wear a Fringe Skirt like a fashionista?

There are several ways to wear a fringe skirt that can help you stand out and look stylish. One of the most popular looks is pairing it with a tight-fitting, patterned tank top or crop top. 

Fringe skirts often have a lot of movement which can be complemented by the fitted shape of the top or If you'd like to dress the look up, opt for a blouse or collared shirt. With these outfits you look gorgeous at all times! 

Back to basics: Fringe skirts are a statement piece, so it's important to keep the rest of your outfit simple. A basic white or black tank top will make your fringe skirt stand out, you can wear the Morfo top by Denisse Kuri and the fringe skirt Floral Pattern Goofi by Laetitia.



As I mentioned before this skirt can look amazing with any style of shoes so you can wear the Teresa Black Mules by Alta. In addition, to carry your most basic accessories, the Barú by Camila Mesar bag will become your best friend.

Flirty and formal: If you want to look fabulous at a formal party, I recommend wearing the fringe skirt Nazca by Muna The Label with the Wari by Blanca Pukara blouse. Remember that with a fringe skirt you can achieve a glamorous look or more casual for the week, if you want to highlight this season use neutral colors such as white and beige, these colors are a winning combination.



Finish off your outfit with a pair of boots, sandals, or sneakers for an edgy and modern ensemble. I prefer high-heeled sandals, so I recommend you wear the Inés Beige by Alta sandals with the white blazer Emily Bone by Mysso Swimwear, además los aretes Small Illusion by Geo Designs te harán lucir muy elegante. In addition, the Small Illusion earrings by Geo Designs will make you look very elegant.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to get creative! Fringe skirts are a great addition to any wardrobe, no matter your style. 

Have fun with it and find new ways to express yourself don't forget to subscribe don't forget to subscribe to the On Post newsletter to stay trending!


By Melissa Zanini

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