Fashion prints and patterns for the summer

Fashion prints and patterns for the summer

The great protagonists of this season will be the fashion prints and patterns for the summer! Get to know them and discover how to include print trends in your outfits!


This year, summer will reflect its vitality, energy and color in each of the garments you wear. A great example of this is the prints, which can range from the most classic design to the most extroverted and abstract.

What will be your favorite print of the season? Discover it!


Geometric prints

Geometric figures have been incorporated into the world of fashion in such a delicate and stealthy way that nobody realized when they became a must for every closet.

Due to their structured shapes, clean and defined cuts, geometric prints could seem boring… unless you know how to combine them! It is no secret that this style is inspired by architecture, which is why its lines are so exact, however, fashion designers have been in charge of taking advantage of this characteristic and transforming it into the fun one for the summer.

Pamela Stevenson presents us with a series of shirts with a spectacular rhombus print that manages to attract the attention of more than one. By playing with the sizes and vibrant colors of the diamonds, it balances the formal style and turns it into a completely summery one. Combine the Pamela and Eugenie shirts with shorts in the same color as the diamonds or with a complementary texture!




Vertical lines

If there are flattering fashion prints and patterns that help us look more stylized, that is the vertical lines! This texture manages to sneak in among the favorites of the season, as its vertical shape visually reduces volume and accentuates the waist. How not love it!

Similarly, the vertical lines print is easily combined with other garments. You can wear a vertical print on the upper part of your body and contrast with a bottom with horizontal lines, with colors similar to those of your top or simply use vertical lines above and below to lengthen your figure and look taller.

And finally, this last look can be achieved with the Gauvain shorts and blouse by Pamela Stevenson. Its sky blue color and lightweight fabric will keep you cool and beautiful all summer long!


Extra-large flowers

Summer could not be complete without large and colorful flowers, which is why this season they are among the most sought-after fashion prints and patterns.

Flowers always carry a message of freshness, as they make us feel more connected with nature and with the smell of the plants that surround us. And all this increases when the flowers are used in a larger size, in an extra size.

If your style of dressing is fun and you like to attract attention anywhere, extra large flowers are the ones for you. You can wear this pattern with a combination of multi-colored flowers or opt for monochromatic flowers to streamline your look.

Zikomo's Wild Tiger set brings together the best of floral prints and also provides you with a lot of comfort through loungewear fashion. Without a doubt, this is a fresh and stylish option for the summer!



Square prints

Checkered patterns are timeless. No matter when you read this, as long as you add a plaid print garment to your outfit you will be sure that you will look elegant and classic.

This summer season, three versions of checkered prints will have more presence: tartan, grids and checkerboard. Also, neutral and sober colors will be the favorites regardless of the size of the square.

The Pamela Stevenson Brice short meets all the characteristics to look fabulous this summer. Combine it with a white tank top to contrast its melon tone and add sandals in a neutral color. Ready to go for a walk with the fancy fashion prints and patterns!



Amazon print

A relatively new print is the Amazon print. As you can imagine thanks to its name, it is characterized by including exotic plants, flowers and animals in its fabrics, which when combined result in a flirty and very outgoing style.

If you think that because of its exotic fashion prints and patterns it is not so easy to combine them, you are wrong! Zikomo debunks this myth with its loungewear fashion line! Its outfits are satin, which gives them an elegant look and its color palette is so precise that they create perfect harmony.

If you want to experiment with the Amazon print, we recommend using the Lemur, Yellow Amazon or Toucan set. Which do you think will be your favorite?



With this little guide to the trending fashion prints and patterns, you are ready to conquer the summer and experiment with new styles. Dare to include different prints in your looks!

Find Zikomo and Pamela Stevenson's clothes only at On Post!


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By Diana Mendoza

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