Family Christmas Pajamas: A holiday tradition

Family Christmas Pajamas: A holiday tradition

In this holiday season, every family has its own traditions and dynamics to celebrate, one of the most known customs in recent times is to wear match pajamas with your family on Christmas Eve or in the morning of Christmas.

Certain sources claim that the first sightings of a family dressed in the same pajamas was in 1950 in a department store catalog, with a few more appearances in the following three decades.


It was only a few years ago that, thanks to Instagram photos, it became customary to find posts of groups wearing the same Christmas pajamas. 

We can adjudge that this habit comes from children running to open the gifts that Santa Claus has brought them while still wearing pajamas and probably not thinking about changing during the day so as not to lose a minute of play.

Undoubtedly, the famous family that knows how to set trends is the Kardashian - Jenner clan, who have proven to be lovers of celebrating the tradition of spending Christmas in pajamas, causing both their followers and personalities to join this tradition.

Another celebrity who also performs this fun and cozy custom is Kate Hudson, who opted for a Christmas print pajama and romper silhouette. Among other celebrities like Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Jessica Alba and Whitney Port, share their family time with this wonderful practice.


Why implement the tradition of Family Christmas Pajamas?

The tradition of family Christmas pajamas is  easy to include in your activities, just make sure you buy them in advance, put them on Christmas Eve and get out of bed the next day, these are some reasons why you should decide to do it.

Opening presents and taking a nice picture of everyone in the family wearing the same Christmas pajamas are just whatever of the reasons why you should consider implementing this activity. Without leaving behind the most important ones which are to celebrate the magic, togetherness and love of Christmas. 

It's a great gift idea, you can give a pair of matching pajamas to all family members to wear on Christmas morning.

You and your family may go for Christmas designs, or a single color, the all-important thing is to share. You'll find endless options, from traditional to romper style, it's up to you and each person's style. A tip that we share with you so that all participants feel understood, is that you consider what type, of pajamas they will feel most comfortable in.

Kids love it! It's either because they all look the same, or because they find the idea of not having to change clothes amazing.


Spending the whole day in pajamas is  an awesome plan, plus if you choose a slimmer silhouette, you can wear it in street style by adding accessories.

You'll show all your love by making the effort to select pajamas and taking the time to shop for them so that everyone in the family feels included. 

You will create unforgettable memories, beyond memories, they can take pictures that last, when they see them, they will relive the moment of everyone sharing and wearing the same pajamas.

Whatever the reason you end up convincing yourself to include the practice of family Christmas pajamas, don't lose sight of the main objective, which is to share precious moments with your loved ones.

Family Christmas pajamas options from the On Post Collection

At On Post we believe that customs strengthen the bonds between loved ones, the activity of the family with Christmas pajamas is an excellent example to teach the little ones to be united and what it means to belong to a community. 

Find the perfect pajamas to kick off this family tradition with Muun Sleepwear and Lilai Sleepwear. The criteria we consider the most when selecting a set, such as pajamas, is comfort and quality. These two brands are focused on these two aspects.

If we are talking about a design that screams Christmas, tartan is certainly one of them, Holiday pants, composed of a pair of pants and long sleeve flannel shirt. Its combination of colors are ideal to wear on Christmas Eve. 

Another perfect design to wear with your family is Christmas women Pants, plaid in red and black, made of flannel, you will not be cold because it is also a pair of pants and long sleeve shirt.

What we love about the custom of family Christmas pajamas is that they include children and adults, so Scotish Winter - Kids, is designed for the little ones at home, like all pajamas ideal for this cold weather, this set consists of a shirt and long-sleeved pants, with a green design that will combine wonderfully with your decor.



These three options from Muun Sleepwear have the option to personalize them with each person's name or initials embroidered on them.

If you are looking for a basic silhouette, the Lilai Sleepwear Renzo Blue Extra Soft pajamas are classic yet comfortable, made with the best premium Peruvian pima cotton.

All these alternatives are ideal to wear around the house and spend the day warm and comfortable.

Create unforgettable memories with this custom in family Christmas pajamas, if you haven't considered it yet, you are still on time. Find special, stylish garments to celebrate the holidays at On Post!

By Katia García

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