Disco dress: The revival of the Studio 54 style

Disco dress: The revival of the Studio 54 style

The 70s fashion is back! And the disco dress is a fantastic garment to be the star of the night, do not hesitate to do this trend full of style.

One of the times with more color and freedom were the 70s, garments with bold and risky colors, necklines, sequins, platforms and the iconic disco dress were the protagonists of the dance floor. 

What is a disco dress?

Known for being one of the greatest exponents of discotheques, the disco dress has transcended through the years and collections, it always returns on new years eve surprising us with a majestic style! 

Sequins have always been the best companion to bags, blouses, jackets and mainly the disco dress, which can be found in midi and mini versions, you can also wear it with a pronounced neckline or with straps but remember not to overload the look. 

Sequins are the essential ornament of the disco dress and are very versatile, you can find them in silver, gold, pink, champagne and red tones mainly. There are other ornaments such as bangs, metallic fabrics and transparencies, a total look with silver sequins in a disco dress will give you brightness and elegance you need to use at an evening event and open the dance floor. 

Divas like Diana Ross, Cher and Liza Minelli joined the disco fashion trend, but what exactly is it? During the 70s there was a boom of clubs and places to go hang out and dance with friends, they were changing times at the cultural level so the disco fashion style was bold but also very glamorous. 

The place that was known for being the epicenter of disco fashion was Studio 54 in New York, a very popular and emblematic nightclub. It was visited by celebrities such as designer Halston, Mick Jagger, Brooke Shields and Andy Warhol, all gathered to dance disco music and enjoy the catwalk worthy outfits! 

The most outstanding colors were fuchsia and silver, they could not be missing in garments such as disco dress, flared pants, jumpsuits, platform shoes and blouses with baggy sleeves to complement the aesthetics of that time. As for makeup and hair, long straight manes and the classic Afro style were used, combined with the most trendy earrings in vibrant colors. Also the makeup was very striking, experimenting with glitter in the eyes to make them stand out and lipsticks in purple, red and pink tones. 

As fashion is cyclical, we currently have sequins and the disco dress in trend. They have returned with great strength to create elegant looks and that will be seen most often during holidays and end of year events. Today you will know how to combine the disco dress with garments that we have in our wardrobe and get out of the conventional. 

Let's get started! 

Disco dress the new fever of style

Disco fashion is still very current these days and a very clear example are garments such as jumpsuits, trendy earrings in silver and gold color, satin blouses, the acclaimed thigh high boots and the disco dress! 

If you are going to a party at night you at the Hamptons you can wear the disco dress Jenny by Carolina Stefan with the heels Pink Rania by Peyola, another ideal complement to cover yourself during the party is using the leather jacket Ara by Balanka with the trendy earrings  Long Silver with White Crystals by Iconique.


The choice of a small bag will be perfect to carry your most basic accessories with you, with the Blue Swing Bag by Jetlagmode you can achieve the perfect mix and match between the disco dress and your favorite accessories. 


The disco dress will become your favorite during this season, don't forget to combine it in a very chic and trendy way. Follow us for more tips on style and fashion trends on our On Post social media! 


 By Melissa Zanini 

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