Coquette Outfit: A bold and romantic look at the same time

Coquette Outfit: A bold and romantic look at the same time


The Coquette trend is a fabulous way to express your femininity and show off your assets. Coquette outfits allow you to be bold, romantic and daring at the same time. When creating your look, think of pieces with details like lace and ruffles that flatter your figure.

Coquette style is all about having fun with the trends, so don't be scared to mix and match different colors and patterns. You can even team up some Coquette pieces with basics like jeans or a T-shirt to create a unique look. There are many Coquette inspired looks that you can try out and have fun with your style! 

How to create a Coquette outfit?

Creating a coquette outfit is an excellent way to express your personal style. This look is usually characterized by flirty and feminine pieces, like silky blouses, skirts with ruffles or lace accents, and delicate jewelry. 

To complete the coquette look, choose glamorous shoes like glittery pumps or strappy sandals. You can also add accessories like a mini bag, an embellished headband, or a colorful scarf. With the right combination of coquette pieces, you'll be sure to have a look that is both stylish and fun!  Have fun with it and don't forget the details - they can make all the difference!


What are the basic garments for a Coquette outfit?

A coquette outfit is all about style and femininity. Think ruffles, lace and layers of tulle. To create the perfect coquette ensemble, there are a few basic garments to bear in mind:

  • A dress with romantic details like frills, pleats or embroidery is essential for any coquette look.
  • To give your coquette outfit an extra feminine touch, choose a dress with a cinched waist and full skirt.
  • A pair of stylish heels or ballet flats can be paired with the dress to create an elegant silhouette.
  • An embellished bolero jacket or shrug is an ideal cover up for cooler days.
  • Finally, accessorize your coquette outfit with delicate jewelry or an eye-catching hat.

These are the key pieces for creating a coquette look that will turn heads and make you feel like the picture of femininity. With these garments in mind, you’ll be ready to create the perfect co coquette outfit for any occasion.


Coquette outfit ideas

A coquette outfit is an essential for anyone looking to express their unique style. Whether you’re hitting the town with friends or attending a special event, coquette outfits will ensure your look stands out from the crowd. To help you create the perfect coquette look, here are five ideas to inspire your wardrobe:


  1. A bold dress with statement accessories. Choose a vibrant, eye-catching dress, then pair it with equally striking jewelry and shoes to make a real impact.
  1. A coquette jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are an effortless coquette look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Find a jumpsuit with dramatic detailing to really turn heads.
  1. Colored coquette trousers and a simple top. Show off your style credentials by pairing coquette trousers with a plain, classic top for an elegant look that can be taken from day to night.
  1. A coquette skirt and blouse combo. The classic coquette outfit. Choose a skirt with plenty of volume and embellishments, then pair it with an equally eye-catching blouse to create a statement ensemble. 
  1. A coquette top with skinny jeans. Show off your fashion sense by pairing coquette tops or blouses with slim-fitting jeans for a modern yet coquette look. 

No matter what coquette style you choose, make sure it reflects your unique personality and expresses your individual flair. With these five coquette outfit ideas, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd!

Celebrities who dare to wear the Coquette outfit

Celebrities are known for their signature style and fashion choices, often setting the tone for trends. Many stars have been spotted sporting coquette outfits, bringing a sense of sophistication to any look. Whether it's a long skirt with a blouse or an elegant jumpsuit, coquette ensembles always make a statement. 


From Sydney Sweeney to Olivia Rodrigo, many celebrities have used coquette pieces to complete their style and look simply stunning. Get inspired by some of your favorite stars and try out a coquette outfit for yourself! With the right accessories and attitude, you can rock the coquette trend in no time.


Incorporating coquette elements into your wardrobe is easy and fun. Start with a base piece like a long dress or skirt and build from there. 

Add some lace detailing to bring out the coquette look, or pair them with more casual items like a blazer for an effortless mix of styles. Accessories are also key to this fashion trend, and you can choose from hats, jewelry, bags, and more.


Get the Coquette outfit with these items from our collection

Take a look at the most Coquette garments of our collection, ideal for creating incredible looks. The puffed sleeves are one of the details with which we can identify the coquette style, so we opted for FLORA DRESS by Concepción Miranda, a closet basic as its neutral color is easy to combine. Go for pastel colors to keep the look romantic. 

Another option of Concepción Miranda, is SAKURA DRESS, with draped sleeves, wide shoulders and square neckline, ideal to pair with a scarf. 

Another detail that represents the Coquette outfit are the ruffles, LUISA from La Plume, is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a fresh and different design. 

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By Katia García

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