Change your mood wearing a Floral Mini Dress

Change your mood wearing a Floral Mini Dress

Still haven't dared to try the mini trend? If you are willing to give a twist to your closet trying a proposal that comes back renewed, the floral mini dress is the ideal garment to try this trend. 

As we have previously mentioned, floral dresses have become a basic in your closet, if we add to this one another that can not miss as it is a mini, it becomes a necessary garment, since the main feature of a must-have, is versatility, surely you will take advantage of it at any time of the year. That is one of the reasons why you should consider a floral mini dress.

 Dresses well above the knee were present on the catwalks of the fall-winter 2022 season, garments that favor the not so tall, and those with long legs announced their return, although they certainly never left. Off White confirmed us that the black mini dress is an iconic garment, it stirred the curiosity to show a little more leg. Now, if you're looking to change your mood, but don't want something so somber, the floral mini dress is the answer.



One of the myths that surround the minis, is that they are exclusive for women of a certain age. Recently Queen Letizia of Spain made it clear that the garments do not have an age range, if you know how to wear them. Remember that the triumph of a look and your own style go hand in hand with a lot of attitude, have fun, feel confident, and you will not fail. 

Don't feel pressured, sometimes short garments are not synonymous with comfort, but you might be surprised to know that they can be your allies. The advice we always mention is to start with small doses, if you are already venturing to try something new, you can start with a color that you already dominate, that you like how it looks on you, or in this case a noble print, such as flowers.

Flower prints are lively, they remind us of the joy that invades us when we see them blooming in spring. Mini dresses are usually associated with more sensual looks, but by adding this pattern we balance it, giving it a romantic and chic touch. That is why we consider this garment to be the right piece to experiment with, as its risk factor is minimal. Here are some tips to style it like a pro.


What shoes to wear in a Floral Mini Dress look?

The versatility of floral mini dresses allows us to change the mood just by replacing the shoes. Whether it's fitted, A-line, oversize, balloon, wrap, halter-neck, you can go from casual to formal with sneakers or heeled sandals, let us list the shoes we like the most to wear with a mini.

Boots. There are so many combinations with boots that for us, it is the perfect match. In the fall we can opt for high boots, those that go above the knee, flat or with heels, cowboy boots. With this choice of footwear, we will go from sophisticated to boho chic.

Ballerinas. Recently, Miu Miu confirmed the return of flat shoes, this comfortable combination with a girly touch, add some mules for a more elegant look, or some chunky loafers if you are looking for a more aesthetic touch.


Sneakers. Wearing your floral mini dress with Converse, is a total success, take into account that it is better to wear a short dress with thick-soled sneakers.

Heeled sandals. The look that will lengthen your legs, thin straps sandals, either wide or thin heels.



Now that you know our favorite footwear to complete your floral mini dress outfit, we will now mention some of the items you can find on this page to create or style your looks by changing the mood.

Stylize your Mini Floral Dress with On Post!

If you are a fan of big and small floral prints, the Dolly dress from Lavi by Majo Lavi is perfect for you, wear it with cowboy boots for a country style. Although if you prefer off the shoulders look, with cut out touches, the Franchesca dress from the same brand, has the perfect combination between romantic and sexy.

For shoes, Gossip Mule, the nude loafers from Galeanna will go with everything, even with jeans. From the same brand, an option with a differentiating touch, the heeled sandals Sandalias Samantha, a wooden egg-shaped heel and ruffles on the front, will make you look chic. 



Take this bracelet bag to complete your evening outfit, White Tévari by Malau, gives us a beautiful design in Huichol art, don't be afraid to combine its print with the mini floral dress. The next bag is a boho alert Mini Amor Dormido by Camila Mesar, this woven cross body bag will be your ally in casual outfits. 



Sometimes trends can scare us, and the truth is that you don't have to wear them if you don't feel comfortable, the important thing is to experiment and express your personality using fashion as a medium. We have confirmed that there is a garment that, just by wearing it, changes your mood. We can only encourage you or if you already have one, and you are thinking of replacing it for a more trendy one, we can suggest you to try, find yours and impregnate it with your essence, it can be a floral mini-dress, we just say....

Find trendy garments and learn more styling tips at On Post!


By Katia García  

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