Casual work outfits

Casual work outfits

Fashion was made to be used in various places and occasions, a clear example is the office. Today we will tell you about the casual work outfits with which you feel comfortable but also as an it girl. 

The pandemic resulted in different ways of working and the return to the offices was more than predictable. That is why we will give you some recommendations to get the best casual work outfits for each day of the week. 




Casual Work Outfits 

To achieve the most comfortable and elegant casual work outfits for this season, you can opt for garments such as blouses, wide leg pants, ankle boots, flat shoes, midi dresses, sweaters or the basic blazers to give a different touch to your style. 

Currently wide leg pants have become the favorite garment to go to the office and you can use them in leather, neutral colors or the classics in black and white. If you prefer the oversize style you can combine it very well with the two-piece suit that you like the most or you create it yourself with printed or smooth blazers mixing different colors from those of the blouse you use to harmonize this combination. 

To add an original touch to your casual work outfits you can be inspired by the styles most seen in the fashion week shows of brands such as Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren among others. They show us the preppy style in a renewed way combined with the glamour of the catwalks of the 00s and textures of the punk era with details such as metal buckles and patchwork prints. However, the biker trend is back in leather jackets and pants, to make your days cooler at the office. 


Everyday Working Girl 

The days of staying to work from home are long gone, but that doesn't mean stopping being comfortable but with all the style possible. Today you will know the best casual work outfits you can create to look fabulous from Monday to Friday.



Work meetings at the beginning of the week are always important and to make the best impression you can use the blouse Valle by Blanca Pukara with the Marmol Pants by Sientochenta, if you add a white blazer that matches the bag YUL by Näm you will definitely start Monday with a lot of attitude!

 Another look will love are the wide leg pants Topaz by Sientochenta with the Shirt Lucia White by Anana Store Colombia, it is important that you have a bag where you can carry your basic accessories such as the Valeria Toupé Top Handle Bag by Eva Innocenti, with this outfit you will be ready to expose your proposal of the month. 

Dresses will always be an appropriate option to wear in the office, they can replace blouses on some occasions. And if you combine them with smooth blazers and discreet accessories you will have a girly outfit when it comes to working. Get the look wearing the dress Audrey by Pamela Stevenson with the earrings Micro Hoop L’Amour by Mim. 



To close the week with a winning look wear the blouse Wari by Blanca Pukara with the wide leg pants in black Palazzo Scart Pants by Nabel Martins with the pumps Danet by Peyola and the jewel in the crown the leather jacket Marcela by balanka, absolutely stunning! 



Your favorite garments to create the best casual work outfits are in On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 





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