Bomber Jacket: Wear it with style

Bomber Jacket: Wear it with style

Just like last fall, the bomber jacket is trending again this season, a garment that has shown that it is an excellent idea to keep it in the closet, because like everything in fashion, it promises to come back after a while.

Its invention was carried out in times of the First World War, the objective was to protect pilots from low temperatures because at that time the aircraft did not have closed cockpits. 



It was not until 1926 that its creator, the British Leslie Irving designed the Bomber jackets model, made of sheep wool on the inside and the outside of leather. The origin of its name comes from the fact that pilots who were exposed to temperatures reaching 60° below zero were in charge of bombing. 

Years later, a lighter and more comfortable model was made, for those aviators who did not fly at high altitude, shorter but with tight cuffs and waist to prevent cold air from entering. The bomber jacket design that resembles the one we know today arrived in the 1940s, made of waterproof and synthetic fabrics. 

Over time we have seen how its design has been modified, adapted to current proposals, but proving that it has a place in anyone's closet.

Types of Bomber Jacket

Without a doubt, the bomber jacket has proven to be an all-terrain garment, and although we have seen it adapt to the trends of the moment, there are certain cuts that are more common. Here we will describe some of its typical designs:

Classic, traditional cuts have a special place in our hearts, that love at first sight with a model that is also a hit. The green nylon bomber jacket, with a stand-up collar and contrasting cuffs in the same fabric, is the must-have you need. 

Varsity, this silhouette that was a trend in the 50s, we could say that it is also one of the most representative silhouettes, with a college tint is a model that can accompany you in the coldest season. There are multiple designs, but leaning towards neutral tones and without embroidery is an excellent option, since you will be able to combine it more easily.

Leather, this vintage design that returns to its origins is one of the most sophisticated, the touch of this material is unmatched, plus this season is one of the most desired proposals in the street style. 

These are not the only models in which we can find the bomber jacket, every time it reappears, so do different versions of its silhouette so finding one that goes with your style is not a problem. 


Bomber Jacket look ideas

Wearing the bomber jacket is not complicated, we can get inspiration from the looks seen in the street style, here we will share with you the best practices of some celebrities plus ideas to wear it in your everyday looks. 

One of the celebrities who declared herself a fan of the bomber jacket was Gigi Hadid, who showed how to style it according to the occasion. One day with sporty track pants and sneakers, the other with a black satin slip dress, high boots and sunglasses.

While Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner go for the leather version. In black and brown respectively, the models wore the jacket with jeans, loafers and boots. What we love most about this version of the bomber jacket is that it goes great with casual outfits, but adds a sophisticated touch.



Take note and get inspired with these ideas


  • A classic green bomber jacket with a tulle maxi dress and cowboy boots, this combination that might seem challenging, will make you look trendy and chic.
  • A sequined bomber jacket, flared pants, a basic white shirt and ankle boots.
  • Athleisure is at its best, add a varsity bomber jacket in a look with satin wide leg pants and high-heeled sandals. 
  • Wear a camel leather jacket, and you will be ready to conquer winter, combine it with garments in shades that go in the same chromatic range.

Create your Bomber Jacket look with our collection

Having the BJ that has become a classic is one of the best investments you can make, if you already have one in your closet, and you are looking for new items to style it, this is our selection of items that you can find in our collection to create a look with this jacket.

Hojarrasco Marfil Dress by Sientochenta, is a long dress with t shirt cut in beige color, a versatile piece with which you can create different looks. 

Another option from the same brand is Zircon Short Dress, with buttons on the front, sand color, puffed sleeves, wear it with a bomber jacket and the cowboy boots from Elán, The Luciana Sand. These ankle boots with all the western vibe, in a light camel tone, with details like a star and a chain, make this outfit one of the most stylish.



For the bag we have chosen Lemon Green Amapola by Malau, with interchangeable straps that you can play with if you want a baguette or cross body style, Huichol art detail on the spine of the strap, it has a tubular design that frames different and daring styles, combine it with your classic green jacket.

At On Post, you can find inspiration ideas for your looks as well as garments to stylize them.


By Katia García

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