Blue earrings

Blue earrings

One of the most important trends of 2022 for this hot season are the blue earrings. These accessories give us the freedom to create amazing looks with a basic but striking color. 

Earrings have an important role in our day to day, it is more than an accessory. In ancient civilizations they were used as symbols of protection and to denote a high social status, both men and women could wear them. However, as the main ornament they could be used in different parts of the body, the ears is where they can usually be appreciated. 

Over the years the materials and design of the earrings have been transformed, until today they are pieces that denote the personality of each person. Currently designers and haute couture brands are inspired by earrings as a fundamental part of fashion, to create innovative designs and look ready to wear them. 

Today we tell you that blue earrings are the strong trend for this season and how you can combine them with a discreet but at the same time look chic. In  On Post  you will find all kinds of earrings that complement your personality. 


Trend earrings

The trend earrings for this season cover different sizes, colors, materials and shapes, taking up a little the brightness and style of the 00s as the creativity of the 80s maxi pieces in primary and warm colors to enjoy the sunniest days. 

The Tiffany house and some brands such as Schiaparelli or Balmain show us the trend earrings in their pieces such as  crystals, very colorful gemstones, maxi earrings and bringing back the magic of tiaras. 

The piercings are back in silver and gold tones, also the long chain earrings bring back the nostalgia of the early 00s including rings on hands and toes. If your style is more vintage you can opt for earrings with pearls and golden tones. Or if you are more bohemian, fringed earrings can be the ideal option. The blue earrings will remind you of the depths of the ocean and that summer style that is so enjoyed.


Blue earrings outfit 

Do you want to wear blue earrings but do not know how? Do not worry, with these pieces you will get the blue earrings outfit that will best fit you. Hot days can already be enjoyed both in the city and on the beach, as we mentioned before the blue earrings are the best friend this season to have a mermaid look. 

With a pair of blue earrings you can play with the materials combining them with their different shades, you can create looks for different days of the week. Preferably the blue earrings with crystals use them in an event at night to be the protagonists of the party.

If you want to start with the look, use the earrings Ocean studs from Las Meninas complementing it with the dress Lena Ivory by Ephedra and the sandals The Emilia silver by Elán.

If you plan to go to the beach you can use the earrings Sky blue by Jetlagmode and create a completely blue look with the swimsuit Amelia from Ilora, you will look spectacular to enjoy the waves of the sea. 

Did anyone say party? If you have a party or formal event, you can wear the satin dream dress Ciao by Camila Sarmiento and the earrings Lady Diana from Las Meninas. You will definitely have the glamour of belle époque. After these recommendations the blue earrings will become your favorite accessories and you can combine them many times with your favorite garment. 

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By Melissa Zanini 


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