Black Homecoming Dress: A basic garment in different styles

Black Homecoming Dress: A basic garment in different styles

The black homecoming dresses are basic classics that we must have in our closet, as we already know these garments are those that combine with everything, you can use them for any occasion, to which you can add touches of trend, they will be a total success. 

One of the iconic moments that catapulted the black dress, was the famous movie Breakfast At Tiffany's where Audrey Hepburn wore that Givenchy design, the elegance of a garment together with the grace and charm of the actress, commemorated that scene in the fashion world.



The why's and wherefores of having black dresses are answered just by looking through time, both celebrities and personalities have worn one of them in different contexts, occasions and seasons, emerging victorious, in addition to consolidating themselves as style experts. While there are ways to style a garment to the point of taking it from casual to formal in a moment, this time we will talk about how to choose a black homecoming dress that will get you out of trouble no matter what kind of event it is, making you look on trend.

One of the experts in transforming and wearing a black homecoming dress even in daytime events is Victoria Beckham, she bets with accessories in vibrant tones for that pop of color that balances the somberness of black.

Styles of Black Homecoming Dresses

The black homecoming dresses are renewed every season, as we always say it is a matter of taste, considering that some designs are more timeless than others, in this section we will mention some of our favorites. 

On trend. The black homecoming dresses with specific characteristics of the latest trends, will make you look like an expert fashionista, besides we are witnesses that fashion is cyclical, and surely these details will return. In this case we are talking about cut out dresses, this sexy version of the black dress, made its presence in summer 2022.



Elegant dye. There are textiles that are usually more related to elegance and sophistication, such is the case of satin or velvet, by choosing a dress of one of these two materials you will have a garment with which you can attend any type of gala, while still looking glamorous. 

Classic. The most versatile styles, with simple cuts such as halter-neck, 90s style, minimalist off the shoulder, strapless, without ruffles. These designs allow us to play extensively with accessories or garments that accompany them in a more natural and uncomplicated way. 

How to style a Black Homecoming Dress like a professional 

Completing the look of the black homecoming dress is the moment where you show your style, here are some options on how to style it with garments and accessories that you can find with us. 

Cameron Cotton Dress by Cindy Castro New York screams trend alert, this dress has together all proposals that were seen on runways and street style, its balloon cut was proclaimed one of the must-have for this fall, and if we add to this the cut-out that has not stopped being present throughout the year, you can not stop considering it for your next event, add some high-heeled sandals or stilettos. Wear it in a more casual version by adding some cowboy boots, and you will be splurging trend. 

Stella Romper by Geraldine Garcia, a romper that looks more like a dress, is another basic that should be in your closet, its plunging neckline in front and back neckline adorned with thin straps, combines sensuality and comfort, dress it with high-heeled sandals, another outfit option is to wear it together with a leather jacket, sexy and sophisticated.


We must keep in mind that when wearing a black homecoming dress we must take very seriously the accessories, as these will be where we will give the style that our looks need, showing our essence without leaving behind the theme of the event we are going to attend, Silver Earrings Golden Frame and Green Zirconia by Iconique are the ideal earrings when we wear a simple base garment, or a dress that only needs a shiny touch to be a success, its combination of gold and silver make this garment perfect because you can accompany it with two bracelets or necklaces of different shades, its emerald green will give you the pop of color you need. If you consider that your dress needs a complete set, then you should add Green Zirconia Square Gold Plated Diamond Pendant, wear it in looks with v-neckline or bardot dresses.



As previously mentioned, opting for vibrant colored accessories, give an extra touch to our outfits, becoming suitable even for a daytime wedding, Analía Green Sandals by Alta, are perfect for events where you want to be comfortable, its wide heel and thin straps that are tied to the ankle that you can raise through your calf as much as you want. Cameron Cotton Dress, your perfect match.



Having a basic garment does not mean it has to be simple, and if it is we can style it to the point of having a complete and glamorous look, black homecoming dresses deserve a space in our closet because this way you will be prepared for any unexpected event or when you have little time to plan your outfit.

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By Katia Garcia

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