Andiamo, knitted clothing that conveys comfort and style

Andiamo, knitted clothing that conveys comfort and style

In 2020 Andiamo was born, a knitted clothing brand that proposes garments full of style, comfort, softness, and eco-friendly processes. Discover it with On Post!


The dream of two friends became a reality through their brand, Andiamo.

In 2020 they dared to launch their project on the market to create garments knitted with the best materials, which in turn provide comfort and safety to those who wear them.

You deserve to feel free in your clothes and with Andiamo, you can achieve it!

Get to know their products and complete history only here!


Weaving a dream

Andiamo means "walking" in Italian. The founders of the brand believe that this word encompasses everything that their sustainable knitted clothing project seeks to convey: change, movement, lightness, and comfort.

Andiamo is a brand that wants to make a positive change in people's lives, in their way of perceiving themselves and in their way of living fashion. For this reason, its collections are made up of beautiful designs and garments made entirely of fine cotton fabrics and other knitted fibers.




Why give knitwear fashion a new life?

Weaving involves patience, peace of mind, and a lot of concentration. These values ​​are the strength of all the people who make up Andiamo, which is why they have found in this manufacturing technique the correct way to transmit them to the public.

All Andiamo collaborators believe in the art of knitting and the importance of selecting the best combinations of yarns to create versatile designs that can adapt to the different bodies that exist.

All of its collections reflect its love for comfort and simplicity, without neglecting new fashion trends. Each of their designs is designed so that they can be used by all so that they can feel safe, confident, and free knowing that Andiamo will accompany them at all times.




Discover Andiamo's universe!

Their garments are not only made with sustainable materials, but they also keep inside a deep love for their country of origin: Peru. All this inspiration can be seen in their designs, which have taken up the most beautiful landscapes of the region and transformed them into unique pieces. Discover them!

Munay Cardigan

The new Andiamo cardigan is made with baby alpaca yarn and recycled bottle yarn, thus guaranteeing a quality piece with a pleasant feel to the touch.

Its design is unique and feminine, ideal for the fall-winter season. You can match it with your favorite jeans and boots!


Sumaq Pants

If what you are looking for is an iconic and unrepeatable piece, the Sumaq Pants are for you.

This new design is inspired by Vinicunca, the beautiful mountain of seven colors in Cusco, Peru. Each stroke inside this garment is a tribute to the beautiful landscapes that the region keeps and now you can take them with you everywhere.


Awaq Sweater

This sweater is the perfect complement to your Sumaq Pants, as its design is also inspired by the beautiful mountain of the 7 colors of Vinicunca.

Its weaving technique is incomparable and its modern style is perfect to combine with sustainable leather pants, flared jeans, or vinyl skirts. Build your new knitted outfits with Andiamo!



Andiamo is a brand that brings together slow fashion, local consumption, and comfort when dressing, which is why it has become one of our favorite brands!

You too can enjoy its splendor!

Find its complete collection at On Post.


By Diana Mendoza


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