A vintage touch: The red sparkly dress

A vintage touch: The red sparkly dress

The red sparkly dress has become a fashion icon and the protagonist of important events such as red carpets and awards ceremonies. 

Ideal for a cocktail night, a girls afternoon, graduations or a romantic Valentine's Dinner, the red sparkly dress will make you look glamorous on every occasion. 


The red sparkly dress a sophisticated garment

The season is approaching where we see the red color everywhere and with a festive touch, this red sparkly dress will be your best ally to look fabulous in the events of autumn-winter season that are coming. 



Since time immemorial the red sparkly dress has accompanied us in great moments of cinema and music, who does not remember the duo of Marily Monroe and Jane Russel in the famous film Gentlemen prefer Blondes of 1953 with those red sparkly dresses with opening in the leg, red shoes that matched perfectly and long sleeves with sequins.

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic dresses in the fashion and film industry, another red sparkly dress we love is the one worn by Mariah Carey by performing the Christmas song All I want for Christmas is You It has become a modern classic that inaugurates the holiday season. 

The red color has always been a synonym of elegance, seduction and passion and is a timeless color that can be used in hot and cold climates. We have seen some fashion brands and designers have opted for the red color and have risked using it in their collections, a clear example is Carolina Herrera who has turned the red color into a personal stamp and has surprised us with garments such as dresses, pants, blouses and accessories such as trendy bags using the sensual red color in all its shades. Another fashion brand that we love as it combines the red color is Kenzo, the Japanese firm has shown us that the red flower is the main exponent of its fragrances and garment, for this season say goodbye to the dark color and give a twist to your wardrobe with the glamorous red sparkly dress! 

If you have a red sparkly dress or want to buy one, don't worry today we will give you some stylish tips and recommendations so you can combine these trendy clothes with the best accessories and the right makeup, and capture everyone's attention. 



 Advantages of red sparkly dress

As we have mentioned before, the red color is considered a timeless and very sexy color. If you want to start adapting the look in red or have some doubts about how to combine the red sparkly dress below, we will let you know some advantages of this wonderful garment. 

For all seasons: The red sparkly dress looks amazing at any event and is totally evergreen, which means it suits all seasons and different types of bodies. 

Improves self-esteem: The red color being a vibrant and elegant color, we feel empowered and confident in ourselves when wearing a red sparkly dress, and the best of all we can adapt it to our style and personality. 

Provides shine to our face: It is true that the red color highlights the features of our face and it is important to choose a lipstick that favors the parts that we want to show more such as the eyes or nose, also no matter what skin tone you have the red color will make you look radiant. 

Diversity of styles: The red color is the most used in the fashion industry, so we can find different designs of dresses such as V-neck, Halter, with sleeves, in its mini, midi and maxi versions we can also achieve more casual, vintage or informal looks.



How to style a red sparkly dress 

The red sparkly dress has become a must for this year's Alexander McQueen collection and will be the protagonist to end 2022 in a chic and elegant way. Get the best out of the red sparkly dress with our recommendations and have the look of an it girl! 


Shoes are an important complement to the moment of combining with a red sparkly dress, the most recommended colors are black, gold, silver and red to achieve an incredible mix and match. For example, if you want to have the look you can wear the shoes Red Ruffles Pump by Galeanna and the Danet by Peyola. It is not recommended to wear shoes in blue color, green or brown as they don´t match with the bright red color. 

Today we will give you two recommendations of ideal looks to make your red sparkly dress stand out on any occasion, let's start! 

To go dancing: If you want to spend a moment of lots of fun and style, you can wear the red sparkly dress Arboleda Red Dress by Ananá Store Colombia and the high heeled sandals Oro Rosa Fiesta by Galeanna, add shine to your outfit with the earrings Golden Cube by Iconique and add a the trendy bag Rectangular Pearl With Handle by Entre Piedras, you will be crowned as the queen of the dance floor! 



Elegant and vintage: If you have a more formal event you can achieve a sophisticated look with a classic touch to highlight during the celebration. You can wear the red sparkly dress Carlota Dress by Nabel Martins with the high heeled sandals Brina by Peyola, remember that neutral colors combine perfectly with the red color giving it another more elegant twist. Don't forget about the earrings in golden color you can use the Serena by MIM and the trendy bag  Sabrina Pearls by For Public Display.

The red sparkly dress will be indispensable for the next season, combine it with your favorite lipstick and accessories only in On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini

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