3 ways to stylize the Black Romper

3 ways to stylize the Black Romper

Opting for a garment like the black romper is a comfortable alternative to achieve similar styles to those we can achieve with a mini dress. Being a versatile garment, it is possible to style it in different ways depending on the occasion.

The it girls have shown us that it is admissible to wear the black romper in the street style in different designs and being an elegant color, the success is almost immediate, it does not take much to elevate this set.


How to style the Black Romper like an it girl?

Remembering that the rompers, are those that regardless of the material, except for denim, are short jumpsuits, and that like its longer version one of the advantages that we love about them, is that immediately we have a complete outfit. 



Kendall Jenner is one of them, wearing on one occasion a strapless black romper, strappy heels and a baguette bag in the same color. Although she wore a tight-fitting version, her look was impeccable. 

Another celebrity who has been an example of how this jumpsuit makes you look stylish, is Hailey Bieber, the model wore a black velvet jumpsuit with halter-neck and a glitter belt that accentuated her waist.

There are no rules to wear the black romper to perfection, if we are talking about an event with a dress code may not be our first choice, given its length we can consider it for cocktail type occasions, it will be possible to take it into account as long as you opt for materials that make it look more formal, being a piece that is permanently among the options of celebrities and it girls, each season we can find it with a silhouette or design that highlights it.


Must-have Black Romper styles

Like the mini dress, the black romper is a garment that you should consider a closet basic, there are classic designs that are the drawer, but we can also find silhouettes in trend, so we can opt for certain special occasions.

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the celebrities who left us the lesson of how to have a black romper with a differentiating touch is a plus, wearing a version of this with sequins and high heel sandals.

Sartorial, this traditional suit with lapels can also be found in break cut, it gives us a balance of elegance and comfort, do not think that because it is also a short the design will lose its essence, go for them, you will get a garment that you can certainly wear to work and a chic look. 

Zendaya wore a monochromatic look, with a black romper with a velvet suit design and ankle boots.  



Leather, there is nothing that screams autumn more than garments made of this material, no doubt having a black romper in this textile will help you achieve sophisticated looks.

As you can realize styling a black romper is not so complicated, this complete collection offers us so much in one, whether you are inclined to a silhouette with timeless materials, or you are looking for one that stands out or is booming as the ones we have mentioned will be a great success.


3 styles to create ensembles with Black Romper 

As we know the black color is elegant, and the rompers are comfortable, this combination gives us as a result a versatile garment with which it is possible to create multiple outfits with it, know how to give a different style to the black romper with three accessories that you can find in our collection. 

Boho chic, bangs are in trend, being one of the characteristic signs of boho trends, create a look with the black satin romper and  Cajamarquilla Vest  by Blanka Pukara, add a belt to mark your waist. For footwear, you can choose between high boots or cowboy boots.



Casual, an effortless look with printed flat sandals like Alta's Carlotta Pardo Sandals  and a black jumpsuit, this outfit is ideal for summer or fall in-between seasons. 



Pop of color, a monochrome look with a touch of pigment makes the difference, vibrant colors together with a neutral tone like black, are infallible classics, Anitta Green Sandals  also from Alta, with straps that tie around your ankle or raise them up to mid-calf, have a special green color, wear it with a black wide leg romper.

Accessories always make the difference, wearing a black romper is no different, as we exposed here you can change the mood of this garment using different shoes, adding a belt, or even the color of the jewelry you want to wear, that way you can also give it the touch of your style and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Building a conscious closet with basic garments with which you can create different combinations is an excellent decision, this has nothing to do with being fashionable, the ideal is to have versatile pieces to which we can add touches of trend, breaking black as we have already mentioned is one of them, plus it has a similar quality to that of an infallible black dress, it will give you comfort and sophistication.


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By Katia García

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