2022 summer trends

2022 summer trends

The 2022 summer trends make us vibrate with risky colors, sequins, transparencies, asymmetrical dresses and tops, satin fabrics and endless styles that you can create. In On Post you will find accessories and garments necessary to enjoy the beach this summer. 

During this season, the days are short and very hot. That is why we enjoy dressing in vibrant colors that make us feel good and very comfortable being ourselves. The 2022 summer trends take reference from the early 00s and 70s returning that summer glamour that was longed for since winter ended.  

We share the accessories and garments necessary to make you look fantastic at all times during your summer vacations. 


Summer accessories 

If you plan to spend the summer on the beach you must have these accessories to enjoy the sun rays and the sea with luxurious style. It's time to refresh your wardrobe with summer accessories that will be very useful and can also be timeless. 

Fringes are ornaments that are back on almost all clothing and summer accessories, if you want to protect your skin from UV rays use the Coromuel Flecos from Palmier, with which you will capture everyone's eyes when you arrive at the beach.

Do you want to look fashionable to go to the pool or a delicious cocktail? One of the basic summer accessories that you should take with you are the sandals,

you can choose them with low or high heel achieving a simple but impressive outfit with the sandals The Emilia Emerald from Elán. 

The pareo and a bag are the most classic summer accessories to create a casual style even on the beach. To achieve a summer outfit opt for the Pareo tropical from Carolina Escobedo and the must to wear your basics such as sunglasses and lipstick is the bag Mini amor dormido by Camila Mesar.


Summer 2022 fashion 

In fashion shows and fashion weeks at the beginning of the year, we had already been presented with the prelude to what would be summer 2022 fashion. Haute couture firms such as Versace, Balenciaga, Balmain among others showed us trends in garments such as sequins, mini denim skirts very much in the style of 00s, bulging dresses, cowboy boots and the long awaited color block. 

What is a color block? This trend is very present in summer 2022 fashion, where striking colors are combined in the same outfit, the strongest colors of the season are pink, yellow, green and orange. Another of the most important trends of summer 2022 fashion are the cut out dresses, these dresses will make you look fresh for their opening in the abdomen or back, and they have become the favorites of girls like Eva Longoria and Barbara Palvin. 

For a pleasant afternoon of sun on the terrace, you can use the cut out dress Mar from Maygel Coronel, complete the look with heeled sandals Beige Cora from Peyola. Or if you prefer a more monochromatic style for a photo shoot on the beach use the cut out dress Canvas by Camila Sarmiento you will be the Instagram star with this outfit. 

Make the beach an unforgettable experience with these 2022 summer trends and garments, follow On Post in social networks so that you get more inspiration when creating your looks.  


By Melissa Zanini 

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