The style guide: How to wear a Crop Top

The style guide: How to wear a Crop Top

A crop top is a timeless garment that you should always keep in your closet to look fabulous on any occasion.

Let's start with the story behind the crop top, and today we're going to give you tips on how to wear this essential garment and combine it with your favorite items.


The Crop Top is a fashion garment with history 

The crop top trend will never fade, and its legacy will endure. No matter the season, this short and versatile garment has become a must of any wardrobe. And although it may seem so, crop tops are not a new trend. They emerged in the 20s, with the well-known pin up style, in which women wore high-thrown shorts In conjunction with bodices or bustiers.  Marylin Monroe became an icon of this type of clothing, positioning herself internationally.

During the 80s the diva of music Madonna returned to the scene the crop top and later in the 90s other pop divas such as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls put it back in vogue and we could see it in all kinds of catwalks, parties and important events. The crop top is the most popular garment of the moment and has not ceased to surprise us since we can find it with different materials such as leather, with cut outs, with suspenders, strapless, with sequins or even with beads, with prints such as tie dye or animal print. Crop tops have the advantage of flattering the figure and you can create a variety of casual and formal looks, imagination is also important to look amazing every day of the week.

The crop top has paraded through the recent fashion weeks and has definitely monopolized the collections of the most sought after seasons of 2022 such as summer and autumn. One of the it girls who has known how to wear it with a lot of style is Emily Ratajkowski and if you like to experiment with a different style you can combine it with other garments such as miniskirts, Wide-legged pants or trench coats to create fabulous matching sets. My favorite look to wear a crop top is with phrases or prints that take me back to the 90s, you will achieve a fun and original look!

If you want to start wearing a crop top or you already have one and do not know how to combine it or you have a fashion emergency, do not worry today I will help you with this style guide.


What is a Crop Top?

The crop top is always a good option when you want to achieve an informal but quite chic look. A crop top is a somewhat basic garment, but by wearing it you will give an unexpected twist to your look, you should know that it exposes the belly and navel so you should always keep in mind to feel comfortable and self-confident.

You can find a crop top in different sizes and shapes, they will always adapt to all body types that rest assured! You can create the following combinations with these tips, do not wait any longer and combine your crop top like an expert.

Crop top and jeans: This is a winning combination and will make you look fantastic wherever you go, you can choose any style of pants. For example there are the wide-legged, skinny, ripped, with anyone the crop top will look great, but remember not to overload the look.

Crop top and skirts: Skirts are the most beautiful garments that can exist and combined with a crop top you will be the queen of street style! You can wear denim miniskirts, a cargo skirt or if you prefer a maxi skirt it will also look amazing, depending on your style and personality you will achieve a catwalk look.

Crop top with a blazer: If you are looking for a more formal look to go to the office, you can wear a nice blazer and a crop top in plain colors.This ensemble works best with a matching blazer and high-waisted pants set, and a crop top with a different pattern to pop.


3 ways to wear a Crop Top

If you have a nice crop top you’re in for a treat. They’re the perfect option for dressing up any look and you will achieve an effortless and stylish outfit, crop tops can be worn for work or for a night out. Here are some outfits to try out with your favorite type of crop top! 

Outfit 1: If you want to achieve a casual look to attend a baptism or an outdoor party, you can wear a white crop top to make you stand out during the celebration. Wear the crop top Brisa by Concepción Miranda, you can add a nice pair of linen pants in white to make the perfect mix and match, for example you can wear the Pant Minori Lino by La Bikineria and the high heeled sandals in beige Brina by Peyola.



Outfit 2: A pop of color! One of the crop tops that I like so much from the On Post collection is the Feijoa Terracotta by Sientochenta, with this crop top you can create both a summer and a casual look. You can wear it with these shorts, Anturio Shorts by Anana Store Colombia with the lovely sandals Phia Talco by Alta Shoes and you will look amazing and fresh! 



Outfit 3: This outfit is my favorite, the mustard yellow and brown color scheme are great most of the time. You can wear the crop top Helena by Concepción Miranda and the wide legged pants Flare Glitterati by Kadu, don’t forget to wear a nice high heeled sandals and a trendy bag, i’ll recommend to wear the Emilia Black Top Handle by Eva Innocenti. 




Meet the collection of crop tops that On Post has for you!


By Melissa Zanini 

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