How To Style a Slip Dress

How To Style a Slip Dress

It’s no secret that fashion is constantly evolving, which is why I’m always here to dish on the latest trends. This includes keeping a tally of what pieces are typically timeless and what pieces come in and out of style. 


The slip dress has eased its way into popularity over the past few decades, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Read along as I share my favorite ways of styling this iconic article of clothing.


What Are Slip Dresses?

Before I get into styling slips, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly slip dresses are and how they’ve come into the spotlight. Slip dresses, sometimes simply called slips, are dresses typically made of soft, silky materials with spaghetti straps.

They can be any length and sometimes include accents like lace, a slit up the side, or a delicate cowl neck. Slips were typically meant to be worn under clothing, with only small elements like the lace peeking out.


Why Did Slip Dresses Become Popular?

As elegant as slip dresses are, it can be surprising to learn that they’re a fairly modern trend in terms of fashion history. Originally intended and worn as an undergarment, slips became popular in the 90s as a form of outerwear during the rise of the underwear-as-outerwear trend.

The slip mania continued through the early 2000s. Now, the fashion world is seeing another resurgence in line with the 90s fashion nostalgia movement.


Styling Slip Dresses: What You Need To Know 

So now that I’ve covered the ins and outs of slips, I’ll talk more about styling tips. Because these dresses are typically made of soft, light materials, I recommend using these dresses as your base of outfit operations. That is to say; slips are perfect for layering of all kinds: jackets, accessories, tees, you name it. 

Being such a versatile article of clothing, though, means that while you can create an iconic outfit through layers, you can also let your slip serve as its own star of the show. 

A slip can be worn on its own, allowing the piece's simple elegance to shine through. Paired with the right shoes (maybe heels with an extra pop of color), you can dress this gown up without much effort.



Pair Your Slip With Tights

Speaking of layering, one of the best clothing items to pair with a slip is tights. Sheer tights are a great compliment to the polish of a slip dress, but you can also get fun with tights with designs like polka dots or floral patterns. Add some white socks with Mary Janes for an ensemble that is both classic and in fad right now.

Tights also allow you to bring your slip out of the closet during the colder months of the year. An opaque tight is an excellent way to add an element to your outfit that looks good and keeps you warm.

You can even layer a slip with a sweater or jacket. Add some chunky socks and lace-up or Chelsea boots, and you’ve got a trendy and warm outfit. 


Cropped Tees? Yes, Please

One of the most beloved clothing items today is the crop top. Naturally, one of the most popular casual looks using slips is a classic fitted cropped tee layered underneath, especially a white top.

Since these shirts are both fitted and cropped, the material will flow smoothly under your dress without causing bunching or wrinkling. A white cropped tee under a black slip is a minimal yet put-together look, so get creative and combine any colors you’d like!


Style Your Slip With Jackets

Another great accessory for those colder months, you can pair your slip with jackets, cardigans, and even sweaters for both a functional and fashionable look. Fun patterned jackets or classic denim jackets are an excellent way to lighten up the mood of an ensemble. A favorite look of mine is pairing a slip with tights and boots and completing the getup with a chunky oversized sweater on top.


Accessorizing With Your Slip

There are so many different ways to accessorize when wearing a slip, so I’ll mention some of my favorites. For a chic and elevated vibe, I recommend minimal matching jewelry.

A simple accent gold ring paired with a few gold and/or pearl necklaces is refined and classic. The grace of the jewelry complements the elegance of the slip.

When wearing a more minimal getup, you can use jewelry as statement pieces to add an interesting element. Bold earrings can add a pop of color to an otherwise minimal outfit.

And for those of you who lean more towards the maximalist side of things, pull out your jewelry box and invite all your favorite pieces to your party.



How To Style a Casual Slip Dress 

What you pair with a slip dress is the most essential part of determining how casual or formal your outfit appears. To wear a slip casually, here are some go-to takes: 

  • Pair your slip with tights and flat-footed shoes, like loafers and white lace socks. Add a tee underneath and an oversized jacket on top for a casual vintage vibe.
  • Layer your slip with an oversized sweater, tights, and thick-soled or platform boots to keep things simple and stylish.
  • Wear a button-down shirt over the dress. I suggest leaving it unbuttoned but tied at the waist. This will highlight your waistline while keeping the look light.
  • Wearing a long slip dress with a chunky cardigan and boots is a fan favorite variation that you can never go wrong with, especially when it’s getting cooler out in the fall.


How To Style a Formal Slip Dress 

While I’ve talked about how you can dress down a slip dress, I’d like to focus now on formal dress codes. Depending on the formality of the dress, you may not need to do much to let it shine through, but there are some ways you can take the look to another level:

  • Accessorizing with elegant pieces of jewelry is sure to bring out the best in an already gorgeous piece of clothing. Layering multiple dainty necklaces and adding matching pieces like rings and bracelets is a guaranteed show-stopper.
  • Wearing a pair of heels is an excellent way of adding flair to an outfit. I recommend pairing slip dresses with slits in the side with a dramatic pair of heels to really make a statement.
  • Adding a blazer to a slip isn’t necessarily formal, but it is a great way to add a professional flair to your ensemble. Blazers are an evergreen trend, but recently fashionistas have been styling this classic in brand new ways

Looks We Love

Slip dresses are an elegant and surprisingly fairly recent fashion trend, but ever since their rise, that’s where they’ve stayed. Figuring out the best ways to style these iconic dresses was a big box on my to-do list.

I hope that with the advice I’ve given you, you’ll feel confident trying out new looks with these daring dresses.




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